Landscaping with Low-Maintenance Plants

For many, the prospect of landscaping fills them with dread as they contemplate the inconveniences associated with taking care of plants and gardens and trees without spending a great deal of money to have someone else do it. There are people who enjoy endlessly working on their landscapes (and this is commendable), and there are those who wish to take as little trouble, and spend as little money, as possible about their homes yard. This is also acceptable.

Landscaping During Times of Drought

Landscaping in an arid climate may seem to many like an impracticable proposition. After all, there are few plants that can thrive without water. However, it seems especially discouraging during times of drought, as one would expect that at sometime the climate should not be so dry.

There is no reason to despair, however. While there are certainly risks associated with landscaping in the dry climate produced by drought, it by no means indicates that your plants and your yard will suffer by doing so. By taking a few simple things into account, you can landscape for a dry climate, and when the drought is over enjoy the fruits of your labor so much more.

Why Plant at All

Stump Grinders for Tree Removal

Although most homeowners are glad to have plenty of trees in their yard, there are times when a tree has become an annoyance, is diseased or for other reasons just needs removal. For the do-it-yourself homeowner, renting a stump grinder will be essential to this process.

If you only have one stump to grind, experts recommend hiring a tree service, but if you have more than one stump or a neighbor who wants to split the rental cost with you, then renting a stump grinder makes perfect sense.

Tree Removal

Mantis Tiller

Any homeowner who enjoys gardening knows a tiller is a nice tool to have. But if you've ever nearly put out your back trying to lug a heavy tiller in and out of the garage or shed, it's time to consider the lightweight Mantis Tiller.

Makes Light Work of Yard Work

A tiller, also known as a soil cultivator, is generally best known for its use in breaking up hard soil and turning it to make way for fresh, organic soil. This allows new plants a healthier start. The Mantis Tiller can also be used to remove weeds, and should be able to weed a 30' x 40' garden in 20 minutes.