How to Start an Apple Orchard

There are many things you need to consider before starting an apple orchard in your garden. You’ll need to plan the types of apples you will choose to grow, the size and placement of trees, the water system, and the control of pests and disease. In this article we will cover how to start an apple orchard in your garden. The key to a successful apple orchard is quite a bit of planning and research, research and more research.

Strawberry Planters

Strawberries tend to grow throughout your garden and crowd out your other fruit and vegetables. They produce delicious fruit, however strawberries left to ripen on the ground tend to rot from contact with the ground and moisture. You can purchase or make your own strawberry planters. This will save room and keep the fruit off the ground. If you want plump, red, sun-ripened strawberries, then a strawberry planter is a must.

Strawberries have shallow root systems. They need good drainage, and they love full-sun.

Basic Plastic Planters

Landscapers Tool List

catapillar d5 bulldozer Here we will build a list of tools a landscaper should have and explain why they need them. This article will be handy particularly for readers who may be thinking about going into the landscaping business. Landscapers use a variety of tools in their trade and not all use the same tools to accomplish the job, but we will cover as many possibilities as possible and explain what the best tool is for each job.

Hand Tools

Small Space Landscaping

Landscaping is the first thing that anyone sees when they are going into a home or building. This is the first impression that you will make on people, so it should look its best.

But for small spaces, this can be a tricky concept. Small space landscaping ideas will help to improve the landscaping of your site and give you the tools that you need in order to think outside of the box for new ideas.

Build Up, Not Out

Raised Landscaping Beds

A beautiful garden can provide a homeowner with not only a beautiful view but also a fantastic place to relax when the sun is out and the weather is warm. This is why more and more people are opting to landscape their gardens instead of simply treating mowing lawns and planting beds as a chore and only bothering with it when the grass gets to long.