Simple French Drains

If you buy a new home, you may have the landscaping professionally installed, or you might decide trying to do it yourself. Either way, most new home owners eventually have to correct drainage problems that create excess ground water on their property. There are different solutions, but the best way to divert this excess water away from the foundation of your house, low lying areas on the lawn, or flooded flower beds is to use simple French drains.

How to Build a Sandbox

Even beginners to DIY can build a sandbox in just a few hours and with just a few very basic tools and the materials needed can be bought relatively cheaply from a hardware store and lumberyard. You can either choose to have the wood cut to size from your dimensions or a power mitre saw will breeze through the cutting for you, along with this the only other tools you will need are a box of 3 inch galvanised nails and a hammer.

How to Make Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can be a beautiful addition to any garden and you can also have fun and bring out your creative side by making your own. For all those who love the idea of making their own here are some handy hints and tips on how to make stepping stones of your very own.

To begin with, the size and style of stepping stone is down to personal preference and there are many and to be honest this is the hardest factor of making the stones.

How to Remove a Tree Stump

So you've cut down that problem tree in your yard and hauled away the branches. Now all you've got left is that big stump staring defiantly at you. You are wondering how to remove a tree stump.

Well, you've basically got three choices. First, you could call someone with a tree grinder to come take care of it for you. But hey, you are a do-it-yourself kind of person so that option is out.

Common Landscape Design Problems

A well designed and maintained landscape can be not only a beautiful and tranquil centerpoint to your home but is a sound investment in your property value. It must be pointed out that the key to a successful landscape implementation is planning.