Windbreaks in the Garden

garden windbreak shrubsIt’s such a tragedy when all your hard work and effort goes to waste because wind damages the lovingly-tended plants in your garden. A windbreak is a logical solution and is basically just a layered barrier of assorted trees and shrubs that provide protection from gusts of wind.

Even aside from shielding your treasured garden, windbreaks in the garden can prevent debris and loose foliage from your neighbors’ trees from littering your yard. Depending on the size, you can also minimize the noise and dust that penetrates your home from wind squalls outdoors.

Do It Yourself Retaining Wall

If you have just renovated your home or have moved into a new home then you will no doubt be pleased with the results. There is no better feeling than seeing your ideal home come together as a result of your hard work and effort.

However, if you get your home perfect, you will also want your garden in the best possible condition too, although this may be difficult if you have a sloping garden or one that is easily eroded. There is a solution to this problem if you are willing to do a little more work – the do it yourself retaining wall.

Enhance Your Garden

Precast Concrete Landscape Edging

Since DIY programs hit our television screens, we have been exposed to literally thousands of ideas on how we could add that finishing touch to our homes and gardens. Unfortunately, many of them are no longer unique and innovative because so many people have taken those ideas on board. However, most of the ideas that have been circulated can be adapted to suit your own tastes. Precast concrete landscape edging is just one of the garden features that can be adapted.

Finish Your Garden In Style

Biodiverse Green Roofs

Green Roof in Downtown TorontoIn this day and age of extensive land development, it is not uncommon for an individual house to have little garden space. The demands put on housing, and thus on the land, leads to many habitats being built on a relatively small patch of land.

As a result, gardens and yards do not even enter the heads of planners and designers so it is often up to the homeowner to make the most of what little land he or she has. This is one of the main reasons why biodiverse green roofs have experienced a surge in popularity in the last few years.

Retaining Wall System Alternatives

By utilizing one of several retaining wall system alternatives, you can save quite a bit of money and still enhance the appearance and function of your yard space. Traditional retaining wall systems that include interlocking bricks and prefabricated designs in the stone can be very attractive, but also carry a hefty price tag. There are several alternative means that you can use to create a retaining wall that will still look original and be of a fairly high functional quality.