How to Build a Stone Border

A stone border is an easy and cost effective way to improve the appearance of the landscaping in your yard. Whether you have raised beds or are merely trying to create separation between your house and the lawn, knowing how to build a stone border is your ticket to a clean and crisp looking lawn.

When you learn how to build a stone border, you will notice that there are several steps required. Before you can begin building, you need to determine where you want to build the border and what function it is going to perform.

Planning a Layout

Cribbing Retaining Wall

Typically built from wooden landscaping timbers, cribbing retaining walls are a little more time consuming to build than a traditional retaining wall. The upside of this style is that it creates a very attractive and unique twist on the standard retaining wall design and appearance.

A cribbing retaining wall is constructed using landscape timbers that have space in between each layer. The gaps are created using short pieces of timber that have been cut off longer pieces of timber. Aside from aesthetics, using this style of retaining walls allow you to create curved walls.

Building Wood Retaining Walls

Building wood retaining walls is a great alternative to using a manufactured stone system. The wood material that you will need to complete the project is readily available and is generally much less expensive than its stone counterpart is.

As with any landscaping project, you need to begin by developing a plan. This will enable to estimate accurately how much material you need. Draw a simple picture of your yard and include measurements. You can use this sketch to draw you retaining wall design and figure out just where you want it to go.

Wall Base

How to Build a Rockery

Wildlife love discovering new places to hide and set up house and a rockery is to ground animals what a bird house or feeder is to our aerial friends. In fact, building a rockery is not just a lovely way to invite fauna to your backyard, it’s also an opportunity to make your property more engaging to look at and more enjoyable to wander through.

The Location

When you’re planning your landscape design, or even if you’re just adding a rockery to your existing outdoor environment, you need to set aside a well-drained site that enjoys exposure to lots of sunlight. If the site isn’t well-drained, then you will have to raise the ground in order to provide somewhat of a slope to encourage water to drain away.

Locking Stone Retaining Wall

There are quite a few options available to you if you are considering constructing a retaining wall to use in your landscaping design. Some options are as old-fashioned as going do to a local streambed and gathering a truckload of stones to construct your own. Others choose to buy inexpensive cinder blocks and just build a block wall. If however, you are looking to use a product that is innovative, unique, and easy to use, then consider using a locking stone retaining wall for your project.

Locking Stone Kits