Building a Retaining Rock Wall

boulder landscape retaining wallThere are many options available today for those who want to build a landscaping retaining wall. The market is flush with new products that boast inter-locking blocks, bricks to match your pavers and variety of geometric patterns.

Some folks however, desire a more simple and rustic approach. Building a retaining rock wall is one way to achieve that rustic and authentic look. Though the labor can be intense, the reward will outweigh it as you sit back and take pride in the fact that you built a rock retaining wall in the same way that it has been done for centuries.

Finding the Rock:

Retaining Wall Styles

A number of retaining wall styles can be utilized to enhance the function and appearance of your outdoor living space. Whether you are renovating a landscape for the first time or just trying to include some final additions to an already elegant garden, a retaining wall is a useful feature.


Take a few minutes to consider the various retaining wall styles available before you make your final decision. Once installed and in place, you don’t want to be caught wishing that you had done a little more research. The most basic style of retaining wall is a block wall.

How to Build a Landscape Retaining Wall

boulder landscape retaining wallA landscape retaining wall is an excellent way to give depth and substance to a yard that may run not have much character. Use retaining walls in a variety of ways and allow their versatility to enhance hilly, flat, or even vertical terrain. Here are several basic applications.

Flat Terrain:

Dry Creek Bed Landscaping Tips

creek bed landscapingOne of the commonest reason people go with dry creek bed landscaping is to divert water away from their home in an attractive, functional way. But others build them simply because they make an appealing water feature when it rains that remains highly attractive when dry. Dry creek bed landscaping takes planning and more than a little hard work. Read on for some suggestions to guide you for this project.

Marking and Excavating

Landscape Water Features Bring Life to Your Garden

For millennia, water has long been recognized as an element that promotes serenity, wellbeing and harmony. The sound of trickling water in a garden helps to block out the focus on traffic noises and other aural disturbances. Quite apart from pleasing the ears, however, is the joy people experience in simply having landscape water features in their yards.

Whether or not you sit outdoors makes no real difference. Viewing the elements from the kitchen window or hearing them from the bedroom while enjoying a nap are both ways that people derive pleasure from their landscape water features.