Artificial Grass Lawn Turns Neighbors Green With Envy

Artificial grass lawn is just like a prosthetic for your back or front yard. You will have everyone wondering if your grass is real, but who cares? You will be the one saving money and time, the one sitting back watching the kids play on the gorgeous lawn without a care in the world.

The time has come when an artificial grass lawn makes a whole lot of sense. In these times of drought and the resultant water restrictions, conserving water has become a massive issue, causing clandestine spying between neighbors, fines from the authorities and a feeling of sadness as we watch our lawn die off from an unquenchable thirst.

But what are the other advantages of artificial grass lawn?

Landscape Lighting -Top 4 Reasons to Install

landscape lighting at nightThere are a few fundamental and very good reasons why you would choose landscape lighting over a dark and cavernous back or front yard. Not only does an adequate arrangement of lighting keep your premises secure from unwanted intruders but it also prevents safety hazards such as falling over in the dark and bumping into pesky trees! Additionally, landscape lighting turns doom and gloom into a wonderland of pretty features that appear to come alive at night.

1. Security at home

Tips for Cinder Block Projects

When you are designing cinder block projects, the actual size of the block needs to be factored in the planning. Standard unit measurements are 8 inch, but the actual size is 7 5/8, as manufacturers take the masonry used to fix cinder blocks in place into consideration. There are some half blocks on the market, but for most projects, they are unnecessary and end up as waste.

Corner finishing is not really something that needs to be focused on, as both single- and double-corner units have a smooth finish. If you are using cinder blocks around doorways or windows, there are jamb joists, header blocks, and sash units to help provide support or to allow space for surrounding construction with wood materials.

Interior Landscaping Softens Edges

indooe landscaping plants and flowersMost people have probably never heard the term interior landscaping. At first glance, it seems an oxymoron how do you landscape the interior of a home or office? Do you bring in truckloads of dirt to redesign the room? Do you plant grass and shrubbery? Of course most people do not go to that extreme.

Landscaping for Privacy

landscaping for privacyBelieve it or not, landscaping for privacy is a great way to add value to your home. Not only for yourself while you are living there but also for potential buyers down the road. We are living in a world that is constantly becoming more and more crowded. The population continuously grows while the land mass and resources are in limited supply. Among those things most often sacrificed, privacy is high on the list.