Consider an Astroturf Lawn

If you think that taking care of your lawn will require too much maintenance and care, but still want your yard to have a green lawn look to it, there are options which you can consider in order to have the best of both worlds. Some consider landscaping, however, this makes it difficult to use the grass as a play ground if you have children or animals. Because of this, Astroturf, also known as synthetic grass, is becoming a popular way to have grass without having to maintain it.

Astroturf first became popular in the late 1960s in order to provide carpets in schools as well as urban playing surfaces that could be used. It came as a result of observing that children who lived in cities and urban areas were not receiving as much exercise as those living in rural areas.

Today, there are several places that sell synthetic turfs for not only playing surfaces, but also for the use of lawns. The difference between Astroturf and regular grass is that the synthetic grass is often a lot harder than a regular grass would be. It has also been known that it is easy to get stuck in some of the fibers of Astroturf, causing one to fall or trip easier. Several different companies continue to test the synthetic grass for things such as foot traction, weather problems, and wear resistance.

Most Astroturfs are made out of a synthetic fiber that is knitted, tufted from nylon, or made of polypropylene fibers. There are now new kinds of Astroturf, which are often referred to SmartGrass. These are closer to the idea of natural grass in the fibers. They are usually softer and smoother and have a taller length between blades.

Astroturfs are used in indoor fields in sports, as well as in several different baseball and football stadiums in order to ensure better looking fields. Many of the Astroturfs that are used in this stadium have rubber as the base of the grass, with the different kinds of fibers placed into them. This allows an easier moving ground with the synthetic grass. The other disadvantage is that if the sun hits the Astroturf, it will often times become hot, making it hard to move on.

The Astroturf also stays green all year around, making it obvious that the grass is not real. If you have a lawn in part for neighbors, then it might be better to get real sod in place of a synthetic one. Most say that it is fairly easy to tell that the grass isn't real, not only because it stays green all year around, but also because the look of the grass is not equal to that of real grass.


There are several advantages, however, to having a synthetic lawn. First, there is no need for a large amount of maintenance of a lawn. The only need is to lay it out in your yard and leave it for the season, as well as keep it clean. The second advantage is that there is no contact with dirt or diseases that may be in the outside areas.

This helps to prevent grass stains and dirt from coming into your home. A third advantage is that it saves on water and money in other areas. Some say that it saves up to $200 a month in maintenance costs. Most say that the grass will last from twelve to twenty years.

The only maintenance that has to take place with an Astroturf is raking leaves and debris off of the synthetic lawn. Occasionally, it is best to wash off the dirt and dust that stays stuck on the grass. The grass is usually installed by the company that you order from, who charge by the amount of feet which they have to install.

If you are looking for a way to have a yard that is available for enjoyment through grass, but don't want to take the time to maintain it, then Astroturf or other types of synthetic grass may be an easy way to have a lawn that doesn't need the time and money spent for proper care. By using an Astroturf, you can enjoy a yard without having to take care of it as much as you would a regular yard.