Why Choose Bermuda Grass?

If you are going to be seeding a lawn, you will be taking into account the climate in which you live for choosing your grass seed. If you live somewhere that it is really hot and sunny, then you will want to choose a warm season grass. A perfect choice for such climates is Bermuda grass, which is bred for just such climates. There are actually five reasons you should consider planting Bermuda grass.

First of all, starting a lawn or filling in dead spots in a lawn can be a real challenge, especially if you have pets. Bermuda grass is actually a very quick growing breed of grass. In addition, it grows with great vigor and density.

When you are trying to start a lawn or fill in bare spots, quick and vigorous growth is exactly what you are after. In fact, if you don't edge your Bermuda grass properly it will even grow into flower beds and other places you may not want it to grow.

Denser Turf

Secondly, Bermuda grass produces a dense turf with fine texture. That makes it perfect for a yard where you are going to have children playing or pets roaming. Bermuda grass has fine texture and gives a soft surface for your family to enjoy.

It is a great grass for most any lawn in any hot weather area, especially for family and pets. Because of this, your Bermuda grass lawn will rarely have weed problems. You will likely want to apply a crabgrass prevention formula on your lawn a couple of times a year, but it is rarely a problem with Bermuda.


Third, Bermuda grass is very wear-resistant. The turf produced with Bermuda grass is one that can endure a lot, which makes it fairly low maintenance. It is a popular breed of grass for use on golf courses since it is so durable and resilient. It can also be found being used on soccer, football, and baseball fields as well. It can and should be cut fairly short, which also makes a great grass for keeping in manicured condition.

Fourth, Bermuda is great in heat and drought conditions. During times of low water production or high heat, it is a hardy grass that will survive most of the time.

Even to keep it at its best, you need only to give your Bermuda grass lawn around two inches of water per week. That is another reason that it is so commonly used with golf courses and on athletic fields of all kinds. Hot climates are prone to drought and high heat, so Bermuda grass is the perfect choice for you if that is the type of climate in which you live.

Low Maintenance

Fifth is a culmination of all the other reasons, but that makes it as important as any: Bermuda is low maintenance. It grows quickly, so once you seed it you only have to keep up a daily watering regimen for a short time. Bermuda grows thick and fine turf that makes it hardy and able to withstand a lot of use by children, pets, and the entire family.

Also, Bermuda grass can withstand drought conditions very well. On top of it all, is the fact that it will go dormant in winter so that even living in a hot climate you will not have to mow your lawn 12 months a year. Overall, it is a great grass for your lawn, golf course, athletic field, or really anywhere you want covered by lawn grass in a warm environment.


You should be aware that there are a couple of minor drawbacks to having Bermuda grass in your lawn, though they are far outweighed by the positives. As mentioned before, it can grow into your garden or flower bed if you do not edge it well.

Also, it should be mowed fairly often to be kept at around one half inch in length. It also needs full sun, so if you have a shady yard, it is not for you. Lastly, you will have to remove thatch regularly when dealing with Bermuda grass.

Growing and caring for a yard can be a real prideful thing. If you live in a warm climate and want a lawn with a hardy tough reputation, Bermuda grass is going to be your best bet. Take a page from the golf course and baseball field management teams and plant Bermuda grass in your hot sunny climate.

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