Tips for Choosing a Lawn Mower

Mowing your lawn can often be a hard task if you don't have the right equipment. By finding the right kind of lawn mower, you can easily cut your grass easier, and allow for a better cut of your lawn. By considering several different factors of your lawn, as well as from the equipment, you will be able to get a better cut and healthier grass. Here are some things to consider when finding the right kind of lawn mower.

1. Consider the shape of your yard. If you are cutting grass on a slope, it is best to find a lawn mower that will be able to move easily on uneven surfaces. There are some lawn mowers that are made with the wheels at a level of twelve inches, instead of the regular height for even surfaces, making it easier to move up and down slopes, without cutting the grass unevenly. If your yard is completely even, then the shape of the wheels as well as the mower should also be considered.

2. Environmental factors. One thing to consider with your lawn mower is how it will effect the environment. Several normal lawn mowers pollute the air with their use of gas. The gas may also cause a mess where it is being poured into the mower. Having a gas mower not only causes pollutants to go in the air, but may cause problems with aeration in the lawn. If this is a concern, then there are different types of lawn mower that won't cause pollutants or messes with gas. Reel lawn mowers are one option that is available for those who want to be environment friendly. These are usually cheaper than regular lawn mowers, and don't use a motor to mow the lawn. There are also self-propelled lawn mowers that will make it easier to cut the lawn, and also allow for a more even cut. However, these types of mowers won't allow you to chop larger debris, such as branches.

3. Cords that are connected to lawn mowers. Several lawn mowers will limit how you can move through your yard because they require cords. If you have a large yard, then you might consider getting a cordless lawn mower, or a reel lawn mower. This will save you time by allowing you to move around your lawn freely, without having to step over the cord and change your position when mowing your lawn. If you have a larger lawn, this is one thing to consider. You may also consider getting a lawn tractor in order to move through larger spaces.

4. Knowing where to put grass clippings. When you mow, you will be left with grass clippings through your yard. One thing to consider with the perfect mower is how you want to handle grass clippings. Several lawn mowers will come with a bag so that the grass clippings won't move onto your lawn. There are also mulching lawn mowers, which will cut the grass clippings into smaller pieces before they go back onto your lawn, making it so that the clippings don't prevent aeration or nutrients from water to move into the soil. If you don't have these clippings taken care of through the mower, you will most likely need to pick them up after you mow.

5. Finding the Right Cut for your Grass. It is suggested that you cut your grass when it is about three to three and a half inches in height and that you don't cut it down more than one inch. Certain lawn mowers will allow you to pre-measure how much it will cut allowing for an even cut that won't be too long or short when you are finished. If you don't want to measure how much you will be cutting from your lawn, finding a lawn mower that will measure for you is one thing to consider.

When considering a lawn mower, there are several different factors to consider. The right equipment will help with your grass, allowing for less maintenance or other problems to occur when mowing your lawn. By finding the right lawn mower, you will be able to cut your grass easily, leaving an even cut and healthier grass.

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