Lawn Mower Riding

Cutting the grass of a large yard is made much simpler with a ride-on lawn mower. Riding lawn mowers can be dangerous, however, and it is important to observe safety precautions while lawn mower riding.

Carefully read the owner's manual before doing any lawn mower riding and take note of all safety features and precautions. While some precautions can be inconvenient during lawn mower riding, if there's ever a problem you will be happy they are there.

Every year, several thousand accidents occur during lawn mower riding. Most accidents happen due to contact with the lawn mower while someone is lawn mower riding, and a large percentage of accidents are caused by objects, such as rocks, being thrown by the blades of a mower during lawn mower riding.

Before you begin lawn mower riding, make sure the yard is cleared of stones, sticks and anything else you wouldn't want to have flying at you. It's a good idea to wear close fitting clothes while lawn mower riding as well as strong, sturdy shoes that will protect your feet.

Lawn mower riding is for adults only. Although some parents feel it is fine to hold children in their laps while lawn mower riding, this is a bad idea. Children can be injured if they fall during lawn mower riding, especially if they come in contact with the powerful cutting blades. Children should not be in the yard at all when someone is lawn mower riding. Make sure your child knows that he should not be in a friend or neighbor's yard if someone there is lawn mower riding.

Many accidents happen when someone backs up while lawn mower riding, not realizing a child is behind them.
Before putting the mower in reverse while lawn mower riding, always look behind you and downwards to be sure there are no small neighborhood children around.

Finally, several serious accidents have occurred when a person was lawn mower riding on a slope, the mower overturned and the person who was lawn mower riding came in contact with the moving blades. If a slope is too steep, then don't mow it with the riding lawn mower.