Three Rules for Mowing your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is one of the most basic home owner chores you may have. Believe it or not, though, there are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to properly mowing your lawn. Mowing is not just about keeping your lawn looking nice, but also about keeping your grass healthy. In order to make sure that you are able to follow the rules, first make certain that your lawn mower is ready. Blades should be kept sharp.

Also, riding mowers should have all tires filled equally to insure a level mower, and push mowers should have all wheels set at the same height. Once you have your mower ready, you can effectively mow your lawn. By following three very simple, yet often ignored, rules in mowing your lawn, you can insure that your grass will be healthy and look spectacular.

Mulched Clippings

First of all, whenever possible, you should mulch your grass or have the clippings spread through the grass. Clipped glass is a natural nutrient for your lawn as they decompose naturally. In fact, mulching your lawn properly can equate to as many as three fertilizer treatments in a year. To put it more simply, mulching allows you to spread compost on your lawn without a compost pile.

When the clippings are pushed down in between the grass blades, they begin to decompose in the soil. In effect, compost is created right on your lawn, which completely eliminates the need for compost piles. Also, a proper layer of mulch on the lawn will prevent water loss. If you mulch, rather than bagging the clippings, you will find that you need to water less in order to have a nice looking and healthy lawn.

Varied Mowing Pattern

The second rule is to make sure you vary the pattern in which you mow the lawn. In general, homeowners are not ones to take note of mowing pattern. Patterns are seen in the grasses of golf courses, baseball fields, and football facilities. However, the variation in mowing pattern is about more than just fancy design and aesthetics; it actually helps your lawn stay its healthiest.

By changing the pattern in which you mow every 2 to 3 weeks, you will keep the wheels of your mower hitting in new locations and allow the blades to hit the grass at varying angles throughout the year. The grass will, then, grow straighter and will not begin to show the ruts and indentations that can come with mowing monotony. Above all, varying the direction of your mowing pattern will allow your grass to grow naturally and with a healthy, groomed appearance that will effectively keep you looking your suburban best.

Mower Maintenance

The third lawn mowing rule is that you should keep your mower in prime condition. First of all, make sure you are mowing at the right height. To keep a healthy lawn, you should mow it so that the blades are at least a 2-3 inches in length. The extra length will help your lawn to look fuller and to feel softer. Also, longer grass requires less water to stay healthy.

The blades will keep each other shaded from the sun and from drying out. Also keep your blades sharp. Dull blades on a lawn mower will cause damage to the individual blades. In addition, you will get incomplete cutting so that you will have blades of varying heights sticking up above your cut line. Your lawn will end up looking frazzled and rough.

Proper lawn care is important. A nice lawn adds to the look and even to the value of your home and even your neighborhood. In addition, it gives you and your family a lush and beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors around your very own home. Though creating and maintaining a nice looking lawn can be a little intimidating, it doesn't have to be difficult.

One of the most routine and simple things you will do with your lawn is to mow it. Mowing your lawn properly can play a big part in keeping it healthy and looking its very best if you take the time to follow the three simple rules. Just remember to always mulch, keep your mowing pattern varied every couple of weeks, and maintain your mower for blade sharpness and thickness of cut you will find that your lawn will almost take care of itself.

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