Lawn Sprinkler Controllers

Lawn sprinkler controller systems are extremely flexible, allowing you to vary start times, the zone run times and the days to water for each and every zone of your yard. It may take you a little time to get familiar with the programming procedure, but instructions are usually clear enough, moreover most controllers are compatible with personal computers. Automatic controllers come in models with various stations. For example a 4 station Controller will run 4 watering areas or Zones, a 6 station Controller will run 6 Zones, and so on.

Installing your new Controller

While installing a new controller system the wiring of the controller is one of the most difficult tasks. Correct installation is assured only upon your first activation, but it can be done by those without any electrical knowledge. Of course proper safety measures should always be kept in mind.

Always remember to have the main power disconnected. No battery back-up should be installed. Output from the controller should be 24 volts. One should always follow the installation instructions provided with the controller to make sure that the wires are connected to the correct terminals and always use a Gel-Filled connector to create a positive waterproof connection. An example of the controllers manufactured by some of the worlds best companies is:

Rain8 - X10 Sprinkler Controller

The Rain8 X10 Sprinkler Controller is a full featured 8 zone irrigation controller that may be linked together to provide a maximum of 256 zones of operation. They are a must for automating lawn sprinkler systems.

A complete irrigation schedule can be triggered by the reception of a single X10 sprinkler controller power line carrier command as they are with dual mode capability, so each individual zone can be controlled independently if the user prefers.

In order to configure the Rain8 you can connect it to your computer (Windows or Mac) and run the configuration utility application which will allow you to define the X10 address zone assignments and set the operational mode and for maximum flexibility, they are once programmed and then can run the Rain8 in two different operational modes.

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