Carlisle Turf Master Lawn Tractor Tires

Turf Master lawn tractor tires supply many uses. Not only are they considered one of the best workhorse tires to use on mowers and tractors, but they’re also used on go karts, garden tillers, mini bikes, and more. Anywhere you need a tire that performs well and does so without tearing up the grass, Carlisle’s Turf Master tires make an excellent choice.

Lots of Choices in Tires for Turf

The Turf Master features a broad-shouldered design, which makes it ideal for use on grass because of its excellent traction while doing minimal damage to lawns. Besides the Turf Master, Carlisle makes many other tires specially manufactured for agricultural use. These include the Turf Saver, the Multi-Trac C/S, the Super Turf, Ultra Trac, Turf Chief, Turf CTR, Turf Trac R/S, the Super Trac II, Turf Saver II, Turf Mate, and the Turf Pro – an incredible selection of lawn-loving tires.

Perhaps the best-know lawn tire from Carlisle, the Turf Master comes in a huge array of sizes to accommodate almost any kind of mowing vehicle made. These range from 13”x6.5” to 24”x12” and can handle loads from 365 pounds to 1,700 pounds, so it’s easy to understand how you can find a Turf Master tire for just about any use.

Where to Find the Turf Master

One online retailer that offers Turf Master tires is Willard’s Small Engines ( In addition to Turf Master, this one-stop, small engine and outdoor parts shop offers a whole array of products from such name brands as Tecumseh, John Deere, Snapper, and many, many others.

Another Internet source from which to purchase Carlisle’s Turf Master is at In addition to the Turf Master, Tire Savings offers a full line of Carlisle tires in addition to a score of all other types of tires that include the big names of Goodyear, Pirelli, B.F. Goodrich, Bridgestone, Dunlop, and more.

Even the ubiquitous Wal-Mart generally carries a selection of Carlisle tires for use on lawns. Wal-Mart, however, doesn’t offer a huge selection, so if you want to find the Turf Master and not some other type of Carlisle lawn tire, it’s best to call ahead and avoid a wasted trip.

Carlisle – For Lawn Tractors and More

Around since 1917, Carlisle Tire and Wheel has come a long way since its original owner and founder, Charles Moomy began by selling inner tubes to the Montgomery Ward Company. Now Carlisle is known around the country for its comprehensive line of specialty tires. Serving not only agricultural markets, Carlisle makes tires also for the construction and recreation (ATVs) businesses.

If you can’t find Turf Master tires to fit your needs at any of the above locations, try an Internet search on your favorite search engine. Or you can go straight to the horse’s mouth at The company’s site features a wealth of information not only on the Turf Master, but all other tires manufactured by this well-known company. You can also use the handy dandy Dealer Locator feature by simply entering your Zip code.

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