Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn should be a healthy lawn without pests, lawn diseases or weeds but can you do that without putting harmful chemicals into the ground? It is possible to have a beautiful lush lawn without harming the environment. The use of chemical pesticides can be a health risk but can also kill insects that are favorable to your lawn. Runoff can eventually find their way into the water supply around your area.

Weed identification can be classified into two classes. These classifications are based on the way in which they come out of the seed. In simple terms, Monocots are weedy grasses such as crabgrass. Dicots are broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, ground ivy, and clover. These two weed types are divided into three groups:

Tips for Choosing a Lawn Mower

Mowing your lawn can often be a hard task if you don't have the right equipment. By finding the right kind of lawn mower, you can easily cut your grass easier, and allow for a better cut of your lawn. By considering several different factors of your lawn, as well as from the equipment, you will be able to get a better cut and healthier grass. Here are some things to consider when finding the right kind of lawn mower.

When to Lime Your Lawn

Why do lawns need lime and how do you know when you need it? I'll try to answer some of these questions for you. The first fact you should know is why lime is used on lawns. Soil ph is a measure of the soils acidity or alkalinity. If your ph level is below 7.0 then your soil is considered acidic and if it's above that number, it is considered alkaline. A desirable ph level is between 6.0 and 7.0. Lime conditions the soil and will improve the growth of turf and make it healthier. With a good ph factor a lawn has, less of a chance of loss of nutrients and thatch is reduced. Soil acidity increases with an increasing rainfall.

How to Lay in a Lawn

There are several different ways to have a lawn in your yard. One way is through the use of laying down sod, which is pre-grown grass. While this is easier and faster, it is not the only way to turn your yard into a lawn. You can also plant grass through seeds. This is a cheaper way to have a lawn and will allow you to have a different grass type than what is available with sod. If you decide to have a lawn that requires seeds, then it is best to prepare your lawn so that your seeds will grow more effectively.


How to Cut your Lawn Properly

I bet you don't think of mowing your yard as an art form. A chore has to be done if you have any lawn at all. It takes about 30 minutes to mow your patch of lawn, and most likely you don't consider it a form of art. To have a healthy, hearty growing lawn, you do need how to cut your lawn properly. Lawn mowing can give you a great workout, be relaxing and gives you a good feeling when your lawn is freshly mowed and looking neat and tidy.

When do you mow? That seems like a simple question but if you've been following the same mowing, routine you may not have thought about it. You should never mow when your lawn is wet. Grass doesn't bag or mulch properly and it can cause clumping of the lawn.