Lawn Care

How to Treat Sun Scorched Lawn

Try as hard as you might to avoid it, your lawn may end up sun scorched for one reason or another. Though you can try to prevent scorching through proper maintenance and drainage, there are also some simple ways to cure this problem once it occurs.

Scorching occurs when your grass turns brown due to the sun and heat. During dry and drought periods during the summer, grass is more likely to be damaged. Reductions or restrictions on water usage can also make it more likely that your grass will be scorched.

Lawn Problem Diagnosis

Insects can cause a lot of problems in a lawn. They can eat the grass blades, attack the roots, or just be a nuisance. The best way to get rid of an insect problem in your lawn is to call a professional, but if you want to do the work yourself, you should make sure you can identify some of the more common lawn insects.


Lawn Mower Blades

Cutting your lawn is one of the most important parts of maintaining a lawn. However, in order to prevent extra maintenance of your lawn, it's important to remember that there are certain maintenance tips with both the lawn as well as the lawn mower blades. By remembering certain things about your lawn mower blade, as well as knowing when to care for the lawn blades, you will be able to have an easier time with maintaining the look of your lawn.

Why Choose Bermuda Grass?

If you are going to be seeding a lawn, you will be taking into account the climate in which you live for choosing your grass seed. If you live somewhere that it is really hot and sunny, then you will want to choose a warm season grass. A perfect choice for such climates is Bermuda grass, which is bred for just such climates. There are actually five reasons you should consider planting Bermuda grass.

First of all, starting a lawn or filling in dead spots in a lawn can be a real challenge, especially if you have pets. Bermuda grass is actually a very quick growing breed of grass. In addition, it grows with great vigor and density.

Fertilizing Tips for a Perfect Lawn

If you want to have a healthy, green lawn, then it is best to provide it with the right nutrients in order for it to thrive. There are several ways in which you can help your grass to remain green throughout the season. By fertilizing the soil and balancing out the pH in your lawn, it will result in better grass. Here are five ways in which you can make your fertilizer work for your lawn.