Lawn Care

Which Grass is Best for your Lawn

There are many types of grasses used for green lawns; do you know which grass is best for your lawn? The key to great looking green lawn is lawn fertilizers and weed control as well as using the right type of grass seed. Most lawns are made up of many different types of grass seed and yours might need different seed in different areas. Mowing is an important ingredient to having a great looking lawn as well.

Let's look at the type of grass that is best for your yard. One of the first factors is to decide what zone you are in. There is a difference between the cool season zone and the warm season zone.

Craftsman Lawn Mowers

Considering Craftsman lawn mowers? Congratulations! You're on the right track toward making an intelligent decision about which mower to get for your yard-upkeep tasks. Read on to find out more about Craftsman lawn mowers.

Craftsman lawn mowers come in a range of sizes, so one is sure to meet your needs - no matter what the size of your property. The different types include push, propelled, riding, or towing models, those with bag or side grass discharge, and those that feature high or low wheels. And all Craftsman lawn mowers can mulch, bag, and discharge grass clippings from the side.

Toro Lawn Mowers

Everyone can enjoy the benefit of Toro Lawn Mowers. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a great lawn mower that will meet your personal needs, or in charge of maintaining the beauty of a very large golf course, you will find that Toro Lawn Mowers are the creme de la creme when it comes to lawn maintenance. Homeowners will enjoy the walking style lawn mowers as well as the Toro Riding Lawn Mowers. The Recycler and Super Recycler Lawn Mowers are perfect examples of the excellence provided by the Toro Company.

Toro Lawn Mowers: Which one is Best for Me

Choosing a Good Lawn Mower

Quite often, when many people begin the process of purchasing a lawn mower they go into the buying process unsure of which type of lawn mower would best suit their needs. If you have browsed the aisles of a home improvement store lately, you are probably aware that there are many different kinds of lawn mowers available on the market today.

Everything from electric lawn mowers, lawn mowers powered by gasoline, lawn mowers a person could drive over their grass like a little tractor, and even old fashioned manual lawn mowers like the ones you remember from the likes of Leave it to Beaver and Dennis the Menace are available. Which type of lawn mower will suit you best?

Price Points

Selecting Grass for Your Landscape

The lawn is the most dominant feature of the American home landscape. Most people have lawns to some degree. The lawn may have a flowerbed located in its middle, or it may be reduced in size by a patio, but it is, for the most part, ever present.

Not just any sod or grass seed will work everywhere. It is important when you begin designing and building your landscape that you choose grass that will thrive and that is likely to succeed. It is also very important to select grass that answers your ideas of maintenance.