Lawn Care

Lawn Mower Riding

Cutting the grass of a large yard is made much simpler with a ride-on lawn mower. Riding lawn mowers can be dangerous, however, and it is important to observe safety precautions while lawn mower riding.

Carefully read the owner's manual before doing any lawn mower riding and take note of all safety features and precautions. While some precautions can be inconvenient during lawn mower riding, if there's ever a problem you will be happy they are there.

Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care is often the most basic of landscaping chores. Taking care of the yard is practically an American institution. There is much pride in ensuring that you have a healthy and beautiful lawn. Additionally, it is satisfying to know that you can take care of your lawn on your own for much less than paying someone else to do it. Plus, you get that sense of satisfaction knowing that you did a great job on your lawn.

But, in order to have a great looking home landscape, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding lawn care basics. But once you have the basics down, and if you keep with them, there is no stopping you from having a great looking lawn.

Before You Mow

Laying Sod: How-to

For many landscapers, the instant gratification felt in having an instant lawn is not to be competed with. After all, when one seeds a lawn, it can take quite a while to grow. But laying sod is an excellent way to get an instantly grassy and lush yard.

It is quite possible to lay sod yourself. It is not very difficult to do, although it does require planning and some hard work. But, if you plan wisely and work well, you should be able to save a great deal of money over having someone else lay the sod for you.

Soil Prep Work

Snapper Lawn Mowers

To do the best work, you sometimes have to use the best equipment. In the field of lawn maintenance, Snapper lawn mowers are often considered the best.

Snapper, a Georgia-based company that specializes in manufacturing lawn and garden equipment for home and commercial use, is perhaps best known for its Snapper lawn mowers. These premium lawn mowers allow the homeowner to use the same quality equipment used commercially on their own lawns.

Top Choice for Lawn Care

Depending on what size lawn you have, you have a few choices when purchasing a Snapper lawn mower. There are walk-behind mowers, the most common type of mower for the homeowner who has a lawn small enough to mow on foot.

Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers are wonderful machines, and help keep your lawn looking lush and well groomed. You can ride on these kinds of mowers, and they can turn an all day chore into an enjoyable job. With Zero turn mowers, instead of moving your mower to and fro, you can sit on your ride on mower and get relaxed as it works on its own.

When shopping for a Zero turn mower, you can choose a rear sweeping model, where you can collect the cut grasses for using the clippings in another area of the garden. Adding a mulching kit helps the lawn to get good nourishment.