Lawn Care

Lawn Sprinkler System Repairs

Whilst keeping a large lawn well watered with a lawn sprinkler system makes sense, it will inevitably lead to the need for doing some lawn sprinkler system repairs at some point in the future. The components likely to need repairing in a lawn sprinkler system will include: the pipes, sprinkler heads, filters and quite possibly a pump.

Landscaping Tips for Your Lawn

Landscaping is an important part of the perfect home today. Most people want a nice home with plenty of light and a garden they can be proud of. Whereas they can buy the former, the latter takes time and effort.

Landscaping can be enjoyable but many make the mistake of concentrating on the borders and flower arrangement when they would get the focal point right first – the lawn! The lawn is extremely important because every visitor will notice it if it is in a poor condition. Hence the first golden rule of landscaping – always take care of your lawn above all else!

How to Install Sprinklers Correctly

DIY Lawn Sprinkler InstallationLearning how to install sprinklers is a great project if you have a town house or other property with a smaller lawn, because this is a project that can be completed with a few weekends of research and a few weekends of construction.

What you Need to get Started

The first thing to do is to draw up a plan with the measurements of all the pipes and how they will be laid out. This includes the main pipe, lateral pipes, and risers for the sprinklers.

Keep in mind that sprinkler heads need to be at least six inches away from the side walk and eighteen inches away from the house.

Turf Master Lawn Mowers

One of the best and more reliable commercial mowers available is the Turf Master lawn mowers. These rugged and durable mowers are ideal for mowing baseball fields, golf courses and other sports arena areas that need mowing on a steady basis. If you want the area to look very nice and get the job done efficiently, more and more professional landscapers are turning to the Turf Master lawn mowers to do the work for them.


Mowing Baseball Fields

There are some insider tips and tricks for mowing baseball fields that will help landscapers. Fans often do not realize all of the work and the planning that is involved in mowing baseball fields but simply enjoy the nice look and the fun game.

If you are not hearing a lot of compliments and other comments about the baseball field then you have more than likely done an excellent job. Remember that the key to mowing baseball fields is to create a backdrop for the baseball game.

If your baseball field mowing job is all that the fans are talking about during and after the game, then you have not done a very good job at creating a backdrop. The best tip that you can have for mowing baseball fields is to keep it clean and keep it simple.