Lawn Care

Three Wheeled Riding Lawn Mowers

Having a yard with a large lawn can be very enjoyable, yet it can be difficult to find the time to keep it mowed and looking its very best. With one of the three wheeled riding lawn mowers on the market though you will be able to take care of your lawn in very little time. They are easy to operate and you won’t have to exhaust yourself pushing the lawn mower back and forth across it all afternoon either.

What Three Wheeled Riding Lawn Mowers have to Offer

Compare Cordless Mowers

Before you make a large tool or appliance purchase, you probably tend to compare the various options available in your price range before actually making your decision on which model to purchase. Here’s a look at what the important factors are when you compare cordless mowers available on the market today – this will be done by taking a glance over three cordless mowers from some of the most reputable companies in lawn care supplies.

Brill Accu Cordless Electric Mower

The Brill Accu Cordless electric mower tends to retail for around $400 US, and it doesn’t include a grass catcher – whereas there are some models on the market that do. It’s a very light model, weighing only 29 pounds.

Choosing the Best Small Yard Riding Lawnmower

How do you determine the best small yard riding lawnmower? Well, the choice is going to determine on your preference and how often you want to be mowing your lawn. What’s best for one person may not necessarily be best for someone else – however, there is a good way to figure it out.

Lawn Care with Sprinklers

In the old days the only kind of lawn sprinkler that one saw the the oscillating sprinkler. That's the one that is attached to the garden hose that sends fan shaped arcs of water back and forth, back and forth.

Since they have to be physically moved from area to area, homeowners that use them are at times humorously referred to as hose-draggers. In many areas, lawn care with sprinklers is the only way to keep a lawn alive during those summer droughts

Thatch Aerator

Our lawns are very important to the look of our homes and the value of our property. Maintaining a healthy lawn is very important. One problem that arises during the year for lawns is the development of a layer of thatch on the lawn. Utilizing a thatch aerator is important to maintaining and keeping a healthy lawn.

What is thatch?