Lawn Care

Levelling Low Spots in your Lawn

Levelling low spots in your lawn can make all the difference in turning a nice-looking lawn into a beautiful lawn. The trouble with low spots is that they collect water and form puddles which can bring about fungus or mold. However, levelling the low spots in your lawn is nothing that a little hard labour couldn’t solve.

Bermuda Lawn Problems

Insects, disease, and weeds are the root of all Bermuda lawn problems. The difference with Bermuda grass versus other kinds of grass is that it is tolerant to drought (most cases it can survive for up to two weeks without watering), salt, and cold. Bermuda grass becomes dormant in cold weather and turns brown. As soon as summer returns, it awakens as strong and as vibrant as ever.

Grows like a Weed

This drive to survive is also one of the biggest Bermuda lawn problems an owner faces. Bermuda grass grows at such a constant and fast pace that, if not tended to and mowed at least twice a week, the grass overwhelms flowerbeds, walkways, and borders.

Try Aerating Sandals

Aeration is a standard practice when it comes to home lawn care – it supplies the lawn’s soil with air by creating holes in the ground with the help of a piece of equipment called an aerator, or now with a new product on the market called aerating sandals!

Lawn Fungus Treatment

Lawn Fungus is a problem many homeowners face at one time or another. The best treatment for it is prevention. Before treating an infection in your lawn you should check with a local professional about special treatments in your geographical area.

Types of Fungus

    • Snowmold is most common to Kentucky Bluegrass in regions where there is snow falls for extended periods of time.

    • Brown Patch is usually found in areas where there is high level of humidity.

Murray Garden Tractors Guide

 murray garden tractor lawnSo, you’re thinking about getting one of the available models of Murray garden tractors. But how do you know what kind to buy, and what are the benefits of the different cutting decks, drives, and engines? Here’s a brief rundown on the kinds of garden tractors Murray has to offer, as well as some things you might want to think about during the purchase process.

Potential Tractor Tasks