Lawn Care

Gas Powered Lawn Edgers

If you are serious about your lawn care, then you know that the time you put into your lawn does not start and stop at mowing. There are many other necessary things that need to be handled to make your lawn look and feel perfect. One of those things is accomplished with a lawn edger. A lawn edger goes around the lawn or driveway to get the spots and corners that a lawn mower just cannot reach. This one tool makes a world of difference when looking at a lawn that has one vs. one that doesn't.

Comparing Electric and Gas Powered

Rainbird Sprinkler Systems

The Rainbird Corporation, designers of the Rainbird Sprinkler System, pride themselves in delivering the highest quality irrigation systems, regardless of your needs. With five areas of expertise, and the finest products on the market, your Rainbird Sprinkler System is sure to provide you with the most accurate of irrigation systems with the highest quality equipment.

In-ground Sprinkler Systems

Saving time, effort, and perhaps even money, in-ground sprinkler systems are a great way to water your lawn, prevent trips all over the yard with hoses and sprinklers, and regulate your water usage. In-ground sprinkler systems, when installed properly, will water your lawn with efficiency and precision, make your life more convenient, and most importantly, keep your grass green and beautiful.

How do In-Ground Sprinkler Systems function?

The most common in-ground sprinkler systems function as an underground network of pipes that run to each area of your lawn. Your yard is sectioned off into zones, each possessing its own control valves. These valves control how much water is delivered to each zone, and at what time.

Homemade Lawn Fertilizer Recipes

Every green thumb has his or her own recipe for garden tonics, bug sprays and slug deterrents. Homemade lawn fertilizer is no exception and there are literally dozens of variations on combinations of ingredients in old fashioned gardening books, on the Internet, or handed down from generation to generation.

Lawn Moss

Emerald green moss looks charming in old English gardens or on rocks beneath picturesque waterfalls but it's not something home gardeners like to see on their lawn.

Lawn moss usually occurs where conditions are moist and the growth rate of the grass is low. It also indicates the possibility of run down turf which can happen for a number of reasons. Lawn moss can be eradicated effectively only if its cause can be correctly identified.

What kind of Lawns are Targets?