Lawn Care

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Lawn sprinkler systems are a boon for our busy lifestyles. It's so great to be able to keep your lawn green and healthy while doing other things. Long gone are the days when it would be relaxing and enjoyable to stand outdoors holding the hose with a spray attachment, feeding the garden with life-giving water.

Correctly Installed Lawn Sprinkler Systems Remove The Guesswork

With our hurried pace of life comes a need for outstanding convenience and manufacturers and garden designers have delivered. Many people even have automated lawn sprinkler systems installed so that their grass will be perfectly watered without even a thought given to how or when.

Lawn Sprinkler Controllers

Lawn sprinkler controller systems are extremely flexible, allowing you to vary start times, the zone run times and the days to water for each and every zone of your yard. It may take you a little time to get familiar with the programming procedure, but instructions are usually clear enough, moreover most controllers are compatible with personal computers. Automatic controllers come in models with various stations. For example a 4 station Controller will run 4 watering areas or Zones, a 6 station Controller will run 6 Zones, and so on.

Installing your new Controller

Which Type of Mower is Best

Many new homeowners with yards ask, Which type of mower is best" Which type of mower is best largely depends on personal preference and the size lawn you have.

There are three basic types of mower available. There is the riding lawn mower, the push mower and a manual lawn mower.

Which type of mower is best is largely dependent on the size of lawn you have. If you have an extremely large lawn, it may be very tiresome and time consuming to walk up and down the lawn. Mowing the lawn can take a good portion of your free time especially if you have to continually stop to empty the lawn bags. A riding lawn mower may be the best bet for this type of lawn.

John Deere Lawn Mowers

For reasons perhaps mysterious, many homeowners like to feel a sense of pride when they bring out their lawnmower, edger, and other lawn implements when Saturday morning rolls around. There's perhaps no better way to feel proud and practical all at once than rolling out the familiar green and yellow of a John Deere lawn mower.

John Deere lawn mowers, offered in a variety of styles but most often purchased in walk-behind and riding styles, are considered among the best lawn equipment homeowners can buy.

Inground Sprinkler Systems

If your climate is cruel enough in the summer to require daily watering of the lawn, and you are tired of standing on the lawn with a hose once or twice a day, or moving a hose-attached sprinkler around the lawn, it might be time to consider installing an inground sprinkler system.

Installing an inground sprinkler system can save you a lot of money in water costs and certainly it can save you a fair amount of precious summer time. But if you think this is an easy do-it-yourself job, you'd be mistaken.