Choosing a Leather Sofa

Purchasing a leather sofa for your home? Yes, that is a big decision, and you are surely aware of the many choices in style, design, and price available out there. Since a leather sofa can be a major financial investment (some can run up to $2,500 or more), here are a few things to think about before you take that plunge.

First off, think about the negatives of a leather sofa. Admittedly, these are few, but still, they do exist. Do you have small children or pets that could potentially rip or tear your new leather sofa? If so, you might want to keep this in mind...

Leather Repair

If you do get a rip or tear, you will want to avoid those temptingly inexpensive do-it-yourself leather repair kits, however. After all, you just spent big bucks on a leather sofa; do not expect to repair it cheaply and have it come out looking good. Professional leather repair services exist that do excellent work in repairing everything from a leather sofa to leather shoes, but one caveat: They are not cheap.

Other negatives people say about owning a leather sofa? Some avow all leather furniture feels cold, especially in the winter. Some dispute this, however. Leather, being porous, breathes, and as such, wonderfully adapts to whatever environment it is in. When first sat upon, it may initially feel a little cool to the touch, but most leather sofa owners claim that after only a minute or so, it warms quite nicely to your body temperature.

Like fine wine, a leather sofa ages gracefully. Oils from your own body help keep the leather supple and when you condition it occasionally with specially made leather sofa products, the resultant patina only increases its luster.

With care, a leather sofa may be last sofa you ever buy. Whether it is a smaller style or a sectional sofa, if you want one, it is a good value for your money. So go ahead, take the plunge.

As with most things, it is almost always smartest to buy the very best you can afford. A leather sofa is no exception. But by choosing wisely and with care, you will have an exquisite piece of furniture, an heirloom leather sofa, that may even outlive your grandchildren.