LED Flashlights Give Homeowners a Long-Lasting, Reliable Light in the Dark

LED flashlightIt's normal to give little thought to your household flashlight. But when you need it and the batteries are dead or the bulb burned out, justified frustration sets in. These days, smart homeowners keep LED flashlights on hand.

Energy Efficient

Unlike a traditional flashlight, which wastes energy by throwing off heat when in use, LED flashlights have bulbs that last much longer and put off only 1/10 of the energy. It is a small thing, but when you're under the sink fixing the disposal, you'll be glad you're grabbing for something that will power you through your job.

LED (or light emitting diodes) flashlights really just became available in recent years. Until recently, the LED flashlights available for consumer use were available only in colored light. There were blues, yellows, pinks, and other colors to be had, but the pure white light was not yet perfected for flashlight use.

Newer and Better

In the 1990s, white LED lights were developed, but not at a consumer-friendly price. In recent years, the price has come down and LED flashlights have become more affordable, available and functional for the regular consumer.

A regular flashlight produces a yellow-white light while LED flashlights put off a pure white light that's easier on the eyes and uses so much less energy there's less drain on the battery. An LED flashlight uses bulbs that can withstand thousands of hours of use. Some claim 100,000 hours. So after purchasing your LED flashlight, you might not replace the batteries or bulb for years, versus just weeks or months with normal use of a basic flashlight.

As with a regular flashlight, there are many varieties of LED flashlights to choose from. You might choose the most common: the keychain light. While that type of LED flashlight is useful for finding your car lock in the dark, it's not going to help you through dark household tasks.

A better choice is a full-size LED flashlight. These flashlights cost more than the basic, garden-variety flashlight, but if it's reliability and function you're looking for, they're a better choice.

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Photo by Chris Khamken/CreativeCommons