LED Landscape Lighting

The reasons to convert to LED landscape lighting are seemingly endless. LED landscape lighting is cheaper to maintain, helps reduce your energy costs, and is much better for the environment as well. Whether you are upgrading your existing landscape lighting setup or simply looking to implement one, an LED system is an intelligent and practical choice.

Reason #1: Long-Lasting Light Source

In some studies, LED (Light Emitting Diode) landscape lighting has displayed the ability to deliver 70% of their original intensity after 50,000 hours of use! Because LEDs do not function in the same manner as other light sources, they are capable of surviving tens of thousands of hours of use, and never actually “burn out" but rather, decrease in intensity.

After putting effort into choosing and installing your landscape lighting system, wouldn't it be nice to reduce the amount of maintenance it requires? I'd say so! LED lighting is often used it hard-to-change situation, such as radio towers or bridge and tunnel lights. Not only does an LED landscape lighting system last for what seems like forever, but it will drastically reduce your maintenance costs as well.

Reason #2: Environmentally Friendly

Not only will your LED landscape lighting system aid your pocketbook, but the environment as well! LEDs are much more energy efficient than both incandescent and halogen lighting. With global warming now on everyone's mind, choosing an LED lighting system should be a priority when considering your system's effect on the environment. We all must do our part in many aspects of our lives.

Reason #3: Aesthetics and creativity

Choosing and LED landscape lighting system greatly opens up the opportunity for creativity and beauty. The light from an LED fixture is pleasing to the eye, and yet, powerful enough to serve its purpose. For increased creativity, there are even LED landscape lights that are designed to mimic the light of a firefly!

These lights are attached to bendable ropes that can be wrapped and bent to enhance the beauty of your trees, rose bushes, or garden. In conjunction with some more convention LED light fixtures, you can create something amazing that would not only be rewarding for you, but would make you the envy of your neighbors as well. Express yourself through your landscape lighting!

Reason #4: Durability!

Because there are no moving parts, or fragile filaments, LED light fixtures are able to withstand movement and vibration very well. An LED landscape lighting system is a great choice for homeowners with children or animals, as they will surely survive the inevitable collisions and clumsiness that comes with having either (or both!)

An LED system will prove to be durable, and reliable, even under tough conditions. This also greatly reduces any safety hazards that conventional landscape lighting may present, thus, reducing the risk of any incidents on your property that would leave you liable.

Whether it be reducing maintenance, lowering your energy bill, increasing the beauty of your property, or decreasing the chance for accidents and damage, an LED landscape lighting system is a great alternative to conventional landscape lighting, and proves its worth year after year.