Leveling a Bathtub

One of the most important aspects of installing a new bathtub is making sure that the bathtub is level when installed. Leveling bathtub and bathtub fixtures will avoid the numerous problems and issues that can arise in the future with a bathtub that is not leveled. There are several different ways that can be used for leveling the bathtub and each can be used in slightly different circumstances.

The method used for leveling the bathtub will depend in part on which type of bathtub is being installed. There are many different types of bathtubs that can be purchased for installation in the home, from fiberglass models that are lightweight and easy to maneuver to heavy bathtubs created from metal casting that can be more difficult to move. Most bathtub models will need to be level to work and drain properly, so this step cannot be ignored during the installation process.

Mortar Leveling

One of the ways used for leveling bathtub and fixtures is mortar leveling. With this technique, the homeowner will purchase premixed mortar from their local home improvement store in quantities large enough to fill in the area of the floor beneath the tub. The layer of mortar will need to be thick enough to maneuver the bathtub into the proper position.

After the mortar has been laid, the bathtub is placed on top of the mortar and eased into proper placement by sinking the higher side of the bathtub deeper into the mortar so that the entire bathtub is level. A carpenter's level may be placed on the side of the bathtub and used to determine when the bathtub has reached a level state so that the homeowner is not trying to guess or eyeball when the bathtub is level.

After the bathtub is in the desired position, the bathtub should be left alone long enough for the mortar to dry completely, ensuring that the bathtub will not move from its set position.

Floor Leveling

Another method used for leveling a bathtub is to level the floor of the bathroom so that it is more even for the installation of the bathtub. This method is both expensive and time consuming so it is not used frequently. In most cases, this method is used when the homeowner has already decided to change the look of the entire bathroom floor and notices that the area where the bathtub will be placed is not as level as they would like.

For this method of leveling the bathroom floor for the bathtub, the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the flooring and ensuring that the floor is level should be followed to the letter.

The method of leveling the flooring will depend on the type of flooring that is being installed and using some other method to level the floor can decrease the structural integrity of the floor or damage the flooring material.

In some cases, the floor will be leveled by adding additional material beneath the flooring to prop up the flooring on the lower side of the room. In other cases, the actual depth of the flooring is modified to create a level floor from wall to wall. Leveling the flooring to ensure that the bathtub is level should be undertaken with care, as it may be very difficult to correct any mistakes that are made when laying the flooring.