Levolor Blinds

When people talk about blinds, it’s not uncommon to hear them refer to blinds as “Levolors” as if it’s a generic reference and not a brand name. But Levolor is in fact the brand name of the top-selling window blinds and its name is generally synonymous with the 1st mini blind.

Quality and Style

Although Levolor blinds are usually thought of in reference to mini blinds, the company manufactures a wide array of blinds.

Levolor blinds recently introduced its wood blind collection. This collection gives credence to the wide popularity of wood blinds. Homeowners can choose from an extensive array of wood finishes, including the cottage finishes, with play on the hot home cottage look, and even black and mahogany finishes.

Also new from Levolor blinds are vertical blinds, which combine the functionality of vertical blinds with the decor eye of a homeowner. These are available in rich textured fabric finishes and embossed vinyl, or the Levolor exclusive fabric-vinyl laminate vanes.

Types of Levolors

In general, Levolor offers three types of blinds: stock blinds and shades, custom blinds and shades and drapery hardware. For the most affordable option, stock Levolor blinds are the way to go. Since most windows are standard size, these stock blinds are also offered in stock sizes to fit most windows. But if you live in a house with non-standard size windows, you’ll have to consider custom blinds. This is a bit more expensive option, but there are more choices in custom blinds.

If considering custom Levolor blinds, you’ll be surprised by the variety of options available. You can purchase natural shades. These shades or blinds gently filter the light and add an exotic touch to any room. Also available from Levolor blinds are cellular shades, which are available woven or non-woven.

Yet other Levolor blinds are available in a variety of materials from aluminum to faux wood.