Lifespan of Building Materials

When planning a home renovation, it will help to get a good, thorough inspection of your home. No doubt there are many things you are aware of that need repair or replacement, but there are also many things you can’t see so easily. In addition to the items that need to be repaired now, there could be parts of your house that are nearing the end of their expected life and will need repair soon. The following lists the average expected lifespan of materials and items in a typical home, in years. It may be a good time to replace them at the same time as your renovation. Of course, you will need to know when the item was first installed or how old it is.


Asphalt composition shingles: 15-30 yrs
Asphalt overlag: 25-35
Asphalt built-up: 12-25
Clay tile: 50 (varies with local climate)
Coal & tar built-up: 12-30
Slate: 50-100 (varies with roof grade)
Sheet metal: 25-50


Vinyl and aluminum casement: 20-30
Screens: 15-20
Window glazing glass: 20
Wood casement: 20-50


Aluminum, interior: 35-50
Aluminum, exterior: 3-5
Vinyl, exterior: 7-8
Wood, exterior: 5

Interior Finishes

Ceramic tile: lifetime of house
Drywall: 30-70
Wall paint: 5-10 (varies with quality, type paint)
Trim paint: 5-10
Wallpaper: 7


Marble: lifetime of house
Oak or pine: lifetime of house
Terrazzo: lifetime of house
Vinyl sheet/tile: 20-30
Carpeting: 7-12 (varies with type, quality)


Asphalt driveway: 10
Patio, brick or concrete: 24
Gravel walkway: 4
Swimming pool, inground: 18
Sprinkler system: 12
Fence, wood: 12
Deck, wood: 15


Stairs and trim: 50-100
Attic stairs, folding: 30-40
Kitchen cabinets: 15-20
Bathroom medicine cabinets: 20


Ceramic tile: lifetime of house
Granite: 20
Laminate: 10-15
Wood, butcher block: 20


Dishwasher: 10
Disposal, compactor: 10
Dryer: 15
Exhaust fan: 20
Gas Range: 19
Electric Range: 17
Refrigerator: 17
Washer: 13
Water Heater: 10


Faucets: 13-20 (varies with type, quality)
Septic System: 15-20
Sink, enamel/steel: 25-30
Sink, porcelain: 25-30
Water pipes, galvanized steel: 30-50
Water pipes, cast iron: 75-100
Bathtub, cast iron: 50
Bathtub, fiberglass: 10-15
Toilet: 50


Aluminum: 20-50
Steel: 50+
Vinyl: 50
Wood: 10-100 (depending on maintenance)
Brick: 100+
Stucco: lifetime of house


Boiler: 30
Central air conditioner: 15
Window unit air conditioner: 10
Damper: 20
Grilles and Registers: 25-30
Ventilating fan, roof-mounted: 20
Furnace, gas or oil: 18
Heat exchanger: 24
Heat pump: 10
Heater, baseboard: 20
Humidifier: 8