Lighting Timers

Mechanical Lighting Timer DialInstalling security measures in your home is not optional these days. In fact, it is a must. If you do not choose to have any security locks, alarms and other devices in place then you are leaving your home vulnerable to attack at any given time.

Unfortunately, the world is nowhere near as safe as it used to be so it is important to make sure that your interests are fully protected and take advantage of the available protection, including lighting timers. Lighting timers are only a fraction of the devices available but are essential for DIY home protection.

Lighting Timer Advantages

Lighting timers are available everywhere these days. They can be found on the Internet as well as at various hardware stores and major retail outlets. As such, they are highly accessible and can be found at prices that fit into all budgets. However, their availability is by no means one of the major advantages. Instead, those outlined below are far more important when considering whether or not you should invest in lighting timers:

• Lower Home Insurance - if you have security measures like lighting timers in place then your home insurance premiums will often be much lower. This is largely because you are considered to have done all you can to prevent crime and are rewarded.

• Reduced Risk Of Crime – If a potential burglar looks at your home and sees a light on then he or she s not likely to break in for fear of someone being at home. Instead, they are more likely to target homes with no lights on and no signs of life.

• Can Program Them For Your Schedule – It is possible to program lighting timers to do whatever you want. If you want them to come on at a certain time every night then that is your decision. If you want them to come on at various times then again that is your choice. Whenever you want your lights on, timers can make sure that you get what you want.

• Vacation Settings – If you are on vacation then lighting timers can make it appear that someone is in your home and thus deter thieves. This is a great weight off your mind and will give you peace of mind too that your home is safe even without you in it.

Timer Choices

Now you know what lighting timers can offer you and how big an advantage they can give you, but do you know what your options are? It is easy to install lighting timers in your own home yourself by simply following the instructions but first you have to decide on a system.

You can have external lighting timers in addition to timers for use indoors. Your front light can be programmed to come on so that any trespassers can be seen. Your indoor lights can be used in one room or in a combination of rooms. You just have to choose the program that you want.

Think carefully about what you want and need before you purchase lighting timers because some of them are so technologically advanced that you will never use half of the programs. Just make sure that you get the one that fulfils your needs and keeps your house as safe as possible when you are not at home.

Photo by brandi sims, Creative Commons Attribution License