Wireless Recessed Lighting

Wireless recessed lighting is a great lighting solution in any room that is used for multiple purposes. Recessed lighting with a dimmer switch that is controlled by a wireless remote allows you to completely change the feel and ambiance of a room without ever getting off the couch.

If you’ve been playing a game with your kids in a brightly lit room but they suddenly start to get sleepy, you can simply lower the lights as they get cozy and start to head to sleep. If you’ve spent the evening entertaining guests, but now they’ve gone and it’s just you and your date, well you can lower the lights to dramatically change the atmosphere and mood of the room. The possible uses and benefits are endless.


Wireless recessed lighting can be purchased at a number of different locations and even online. Keep in mind that, if you need installation advice or have technical questions, then you may be better off skipping the online purchase or even the local home improvement retailer and heading straight to a specialty lighting store. Here you will find experts who can not only tell you how to best utilize the light in your space, but can give you some practical knowledge on how to best install the lighting.


The most common places to use wireless recessed lighting is in family rooms, over home theatre systems, and in bedrooms. Imagine having the ability to sit down in front of your entertainment system and lower the lights, just like at the movies, but without ever leaving your chair. Control the setting and mood of your bedroom with the quick ease of a remote control. You can even read in bed with full light, and then turn them out with out having to get up.


Wireless recessed lighting is best installed when the house is constructed, but it can be retrofit. You will want to take great care in deciding exactly where you want to place the recessed lights, as you will only be able to make cuts once.

Repairing mis-cut holes in your ceiling is a costly proposition. Additionally, you will need to make sure that the area where you want to install the lights has electrical access. This should not be a problem in most homes, but it never hurts to double check.

Make sure that you remove or cover any valuables in the room before you cut the holes in the ceiling for your wireless recessed lighting. The dust that will be created by the dust from your plaster gets in, on and around everything. You want to be able to enjoy your new lighting solution with the frustration of finding grime on all of your favorite decorative possessions.

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