Planting Lilies

Planting lilies not only beautifies your yard, but if you plant certain varieties, the scent they emit can be an extra, fabulous bonus! Here we've compiled a list of plants in the lillium family to heighten your senses (particularly the one of smell!) as well as make a lovely show in your yard or garden - year after year.

Two early season varieties to keep in mind when planting lilies are Eurydice and Seabreezes. Eurydice, an Asiatic lily boasts a light fragrance that never overpowers, but releases its softly sweet smell as the day goes by. Seabreezes' distinctive perfume ranges in the light area, as well, being engagingly sweet but never too intense.

Planting lilies for mid-season blooms should include Silk Road. This lily gives off a powerfully fragrant smell that's both enchanting and intoxicating for warm summer outings in the garden or yard. Silk Road also shows off with its huge white blooms that deepen to an intense dark pink on its throat - a must for gardeners planting lilies for both show and smell.


Anastasia tops the list as the best-smelling late-season lily for those who not only enjoy planting lilies, but who appreciate the finest this plant family can offer. Huge white blooms with a deep rose center only seem to accentuate the spicily fragrant aroma of this fabulous flower.

Planting lilies doesn't have to be a difficult chore. To benefit from the beauty and fragrance of lilies, follow these simple instructions: Dig a one-foot-deep hole for each bulb and fill it halfway up with good, fertile soil that has been loosened.

Put the bulb in, and firm more loosened soil over it. Keep sufficiently watered, but make sure you plant in a well-drained location. In the spring, after they begin breaking the surface of the ground, feed them with a balanced fertilizer.

Once you begin planting lilies and enjoying their magnificently showy blooms and fragrance, you may find yourself going lily crazy. Go ahead. Indulge yourself. Plant lilies every fall until your yard turns more heads than any pretty girl! And don't ever feel guilty about it - there just can't be too much wrong with a person who's worst vice is planting lilies.