Limestone Cleaning Products Closer than you Think

Limestone is a beautiful and durable material that is used in many homes, particularly as an excellent flooring choice. Limestone cleaning products are available that offer the deep cleaning properties we need as well as those that can handle the generally day to day cleaning that most homes and floors require.

The thing to remember is that some degree of care should be taken not only when caring for limestone on a daily basis but also in managing stains and spills before they have the opportunity to become an issue.

Limestone is a soft stone when compared to some of its other counterparts. As such there are certain ingredients (particularly those with high acidic values) that are not recommended for use on this stone as they may cause damage. Our homes are an investment it only makes sense to care for things such as the limestone we place within our walls properly.

Finding the proper limestone cleaning products is one way to do this. I highly recommend that you have a long conversation with the limestone manufacturer from which you purchased your material about the proper choices for not only regular daily cleaning but also those occasionally necessary deep-cleaning sessions for not only the limestone but also the grout.

Daily Cleaning

While you do not have to be chained to your limestone floors day in and out in order to keep them clean it is important to keep them grit free and in good condition to avoid the development of future problems. Your best limestone cleaning products in all honesty are going to be your broom and your vacuum cleaner. Grit is deadly to the sparkle and shine of polished limestone or any other limestone if left unchecked.

You may wish to add mats at all entrances to rooms that have limestone floors in order to catch a good portion of the grit we track in with our shoes before going walking on your new floors. You should also sweep and/or vacuum at least once every other day if not once daily in order to achieve maximum results.

Another of the many great limestone cleaning products is going to be your eyes. You should keep a watchful eye out for spills that may seep into your floors and bring damage of their own. Remember limestone is particularly vulnerable to acids that are in many of our favorite drinks and they should be cleaned immediately in order to avoid damaging your limestone. You should elect to use mild, neutral cleaners and detergents on your limestone and you should consult the manufacturer for specific recommendations.

Deep Cleaning

Periodically it is a wise idea to perform serious cleaning throughout your home. Your limestone is one of those areas that benefits from occasional deep cleanings. There are some limestone cleaning products that are recommended specifically for this type of cleaning but you should make sure that you are only using products that are designed for use with materials such as limestone and contain no acids. You should make sure that the product you choose for deep cleaning will clean not only the limestone tiles but also the grout as well in order to keep your floors looking great for many years to come.

Keeping your limestone floors nice and shiny doesn’t have to require a full time effort or even massively expensive limestone cleaning products. Most limestone floors can be cared for with a watchful eye, consistent effort, and mild non-acidic cleaners that you keep around your home.

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