Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Feeding your lawn is a crucial step towards ensuring healthy, strong growth. One of the most fundamental lawn management techniques, fertilizer is essential to help your grass realise its full potential. Modern liquid lawn fertilizers come in numerous different types, and by selecting a fertilizer that meets your requirements, you can give your lawn the best possible chance of success. In this article we will look at some of the different types of fertilizer that can be used, and why they are beneficial to your garden and the growth of your lawn.

Advantages of Fertilizer

Anyone who knows anything about gardening, or who has learnt from experience will be able to tell you the fertilized lawns stand a far greater chance of resisting pests and strong growth than lawns which are left to their own devices. Modern advancements in fertilization mean that you no longer have to worry about laying solid fertilizers which can be a tricky and time consuming process. With a liquid lawn fertilizer, you can simply spray your lawn and see the results almost instantly.

Fertilizer's main purpose is to provide additional nutrients which help keep the soil rich and fresh, and promote the growth of whatever you have planted, be is grass, shrubs, or plant life. It also strengthens the fight against destructive pests, and leaves your lawn looking fresh and green. The benefits of fertilizer are well known for giving a healthy lawn, and with the variety on the market today, you are almost guaranteed to find something ideal for your garden.

Which Liquid Fertilizer

There are generally two different classifications of liquid lawn fertilizer which you will find. The first are known as off the shelf, or ready to use fertilizers. These generally contain a lower concentration of nitrogen, although they are very convenient when it comes to covering your lawn. For the greatest effect, you should apply ready to use fertilizers thinly and frequently, and you will see a real result in the appearance of your lawn.

The second classification is fertilizers which require to be 'made up' before use. Although these are less convenient, they usually contain more of the nutrients essential for strong growth, such as iron and nitrogen. These are commonly required to be diluted from concentrate, or sold as granules to be dissolved.

Either way, this type of fertilizer is generally thought to be the most effective in liquid form, and can really help your garden over the longer term. In choosing a specific type of fertilizer, it is important to try and balance your needs: basically, convenience or power. Whichever you choose, ensure that you keep the fertilizer away from children and pets, as there are potentially harmful chemicals used in their manufacturing processes.

For a healthy, fighting lawn, you're going to require some form of fertilizer. It really is that simple. Be it ready made or from concentrate, you should take care to read the application and mixing instructions to avoid damaging your lawn, or hindering its growth.

Fertilizer really does breed new life into any lawn, and you will see the results fairly quickly, with greener, healthier looking growth. By applying fertilizer, you are really looking after your lawn and protecting it for the longer term against the daily damage to which it will invariably be subjected.

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