Placement of Low Voltage Lighting

low voltage landscape lightingAdding low voltage lighting to your landscaping is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to enhance your outdoor living space. Whether you choose to use the low voltage lights to lights a walkway, or choose to place them around a fountain, they will work very well in making your yard a warm and inviting place.

As you try to determine where you would like to place the low voltage lighting that you are considering, a few factors need to be taken into account.


First, where is your power source? If you don’t have a power source nearby then you need to work some exterior electrical into your plan. As you sit in front of a diagram of your property, look to find out where the best place to run this power from would be. When you are ready to purchase the low voltage lighting then, you must also get the necessary supplies to run the power to them.


Second, you need to determine what you are trying to accomplish with the placement of low voltage lighting. Are you trying to light up a walkway, or are you just trying to accent a landscaping feature like a fountain or a garden? The answers to this question will help you determine how many and what style of low voltage lighting you need.

Once you have determined how many and what style you want, then you are ready to determine the placement of your low voltage lighting. If you are trying to light up a walkway, then make sure that the lights are places appropriately for safety.

Lights that are too far apart can leave portions of the walkway in shadow, which will be a stark contrast to the portions that are well lit. You don’t want to create a trip hazard on your property just because you didn’t place the lights close enough together.

Accent Lighting

If you are using the low voltage lighting as an accent, then make sure that the lights are placed in a way that illuminates the area evenly. If the lighting is uneven, then the eye is drawn only towards the light, and the aesthetic look that you may be trying to create will be uneven and awkward.

The incorrect placement of low voltage lighting is one of the most common landscaping mistakes. With a little research though, and little planning it is a mistake that can be avoided. Take the time to imagine your space before you begin. It is worth the time that it takes to draw a plan. Don’t skip any details, as even the smallest bush can cast a huge shadow if the low voltage lighting in not placed correctly.

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photo by Richard Riley -CreativeCommons