Luxury Mattress Pads

Luxury mattress pads come in a host of different materials with latex foam mattress pads being one of the most popular. For people with allergies, those looking for an Earth-friendly memory foam mattress and/or pad, or for those of us simply looking for a good nights sleep, latex as a bedding material comes to the rescue.

Latex comes from the Brazilian rubber tree, Heavea brasiliensis, which provides natural rubber for any number of products such as the memory foam mattress and latex foam mattress pads. Once the sole provider of rubber, Brazil, where Heavea brasiliensis was first utilized for its latex resource, has taken a back seat to other countries where the tree grows profusely: Africa, Asia, Central America, and other parts of South America in addition to Brazil.

Latex foam, the material found in the memory foam mattress and in latex foam mattress pads, consists of natural rubber extracted from the Heavea brasiliensis that has been whipped with air. Poured into molds, the liquid latex foam is then allowed to solidify. Because of the soft suppleness of latex foam, it makes very high-quality bedding products.

In addition to the remarkable pliability and elasticity of latex, it also has proven to be naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and highly resistant to dust mite infestation. Although some people do have an allergic reaction to latex, most find it to be cleaner, more comfortable, and less likely to contain allergens found in typical bedding such as that made from feathers, down, or synthetic materials.

Unlike products made from polyurethane or other plastics, a memory foam mattress or latex foam mattress pads breathe. This characteristic helps wick away moisture from the body making you feel warm and comfortable in the cold winter months and cool and refreshed in the heat of the summer.

So the next time you are considering luxury mattress pads, keep latex foam mattress pads in mind, as well as a memory foam mattress if you are looking to go a step further. Not only will you get a great nights sleep, but you will also know you are doing it naturally, with material supplied lovingly from Mother Earth herself.

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