How to Make a Bird Bath

Those who enjoy having birds visit their yard may be interested in tips for how to make a bird bath for the birds to frolic and play while visiting. A bird bath can be created out of just a few very common household items as well as a few simple construction materials. This article will provide an overview of how to make a bird bath and will also provide information on the items which will be needed and information on how to care for the bird bath.

Materials Needed

This instructional article on how to make a bird bath will describe the materials needed to create a bird bath out of clay pots. The following items will be necessary to create a simple bird bath:

    Three clay pots of increasingly larger sizes. Ideal pot sizes are 12, 14 and 16 inches
    A clay saucer of 20 inches in diameter.
    A water based sealant
    Liquid nails or other adhesive

In addition to the items listed above, other items you might want to include to your list of materials required for how to make a bird bath are paints, paintbrushes, sponges, stamps or stencils if you wish to decorate the pots or the saucer. If you do not wish to decorate the pots and saucer you may purchase pots which are already aesthetically appealing.

Instructions for Making a Clay Bird Bath

This section will provide a brief outline of the steps for how to make a bird bath. The following are the steps for creating a bird bath:

    Sand away any rough spots on the pots and saucer. This includes rough spots both the inside and the outside.

    Place the largest pot upside down and then place the second pot upside down on top of the first pot and the smallest pot upside down on top of the second pot.

    Draw a pencil line on the two larger pots where the rim of the pot above it falls. This step is necessary if you plan to decorate the pots with paint. It will give you an idea of which areas will be hidden by the next pot in the stack.

    Seal the pots on both the inside and the outside with the waterproof sealant if you do not intend to paint the pots. If you plan to paint the pots only seal the inside now and the outside can be sealed after the decorative paint dries. Also, seal the saucer. Again if the saucer will be painted, it can be sealed after the decorative paint dries.

Now is the time for the optional painting process. If you wish to paint the pots, remember to refer to the pencil lines to determine which areas will be visible when the bird bath is assembled.

Glue the smallest pot to the saucer with the liquid adhesive. This can be accomplished by placing a small amount of the liquid adhesive on the bottom of the smallest pot and then placing the saucer on top of the smallest pot. You may wish to apply a weight such as a brick to the saucer while the adhesive dries.

Now it is time to assemble the bird bath. There is no need to glue the pots together. They can simply be stacked upside down with the largest pot on the bottom and the two smaller pots on top.

Caring for a Bird Bath

No article on the subject of how to make a bird bath would be complete without at least a brief explanation on caring for the bird bath. The water in the bird bath should be replaced frequently and during this time the entire bird bath should be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent. Additionally, the bird bath should be disassembled and stored in a dry location during the winter months.

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