How to Make a Ceramic Table Top

Learning how to make a ceramic table top with mosaics is a fun project that culminates in having a useful piece of furniture that is pretty as well. It is not that difficult, although it does take time and patience. The more careful you are with your design and placement of the tiles, the better your project will turn out!

Many different kinds of materials can be incorporated into your design when you learn how to make a ceramic table top, but it is best to stick with flat, even, matching tiles for your first project. Later on, when you become more experienced and confident in your abilities, you can expand your design horizons to include things like sea glass, shells, broken shards of interestingly colored pottery, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Use a Template

Since learning how to make a ceramic table top takes some planning, at least if you want to end up with something that does not look thrown together, take the time to lay out the pieces on a separate surface, something other than the table top you have decided to cover. A large piece of cardboard makes an ideal temporary place to lay out your mosaic pieces in the design for which you are planning. Measure the actual table top and draw the same perimeter on the cardboard. This gives you the exact dimensions you will be working with.

After you have laid out your design, and do not be afraid to experiment, use a marker to trace around each piece of mosaic on your cardboard template. You may also want to label your tracings with the color of the mosaic used. This takes time, but pays off in the long run. This way, you do not have to try and remember which piece goes where when you actually begin applying the mosaics.

Keep in mind what was mentioned earlier about the time and patience it takes when learning how to make a ceramic tabletop! If you are wanting a symmetrical design, drawing a grid on the cardboard may help, before you begin arranging your mosaics. This takes even more time, but can be an essential chore if your goal is to align everything as evenly as possible.

Adhesive, Grout, and Sealant

Use tile adhesive , the same kind you use to install ceramic tile on a bathroom wall or on a kitchen counter or backsplash. You can buy this ready-to-spread in small tubs, or you can buy it dry in a bag and mix it yourself. If you really get into making ceramic mosaic decor items, yll find it a lot less expensive to purchase the dry adhesive in the larger bags. But for your first shot at learning how to make a ceramic table top, go ahead and use the ready-made adhesive to save yourself some time and effort.

After affixing all the tiles to the table top, allow it to dry at least overnight, preferably for 24 hours. Mix your grout and apply it, forcing it between the tiles with a putty knife or with your fingers.

Wipe off any excess with a damp sponge or a cloth. Allow the table top to set for one week before you use it, misting it every so often with clean water. For the last step in learning how to make a ceramic table top, apply a sealant to help protect it against the weather and you are done!