Make A Tiled Countertop

make a tile counter topIf you want to make a tiled countertop, you will find that it's not a hard task at all. All you will need are a few tools and a little knowledge. You'll find the knowledge on how to make a tiled countertop here, and you probably already have most of the tools needed.

If you are replacing an old countertop, you will first want to remove the sink, stove and refrigerator if they are attached to the current countertop. You can then make a tiled countertop to replace the old one.

Preparing The Plywood

To make a tiled countertop, you will first want to measure the counter bases and make any needed repairs to ensure that they are level. Measure the length and width of the bases, being sure to measure the depth from wall to counter edge at each end.

Once you have the correct measurements, you will then want to cut these measurements to size from a piece of plywood. A standard circular saw can be used to make the cuts.

If the length of the countertop requires more than one piece of plywood, then cut each piece where the ends will lie evenly on top of one of the supports provided with the counter base. When you make a tiled countertop, you do not want the plywood edge to lay in open space or it will sink when in use, destroying not only the tiles at the ends but also your countertop. (See Different Types of Plywood)

Once you have cut the plywood with the proper measurements needed to make a tiled countertop, lay the plywood on the counter bases and check to be sure that it is level. If it is not level, you can raise in areas that need to be leveled by nailing a 3/8-inch shim underneath it. Attach the plywood by driving screws into the counter base framing every 2 or 3 inches.

Preparing For The Tiles

Measure a piece of cement backer board to fit on top of the plywood. Apply mastic to the plywood and press the backer board into the mastic securing this with masonry screws. You will want to make a tiled countertop using this cement backer board to ensure that your tiles adhere properly to the countertop.

Using a jigsaw, cut out the area where the sink will lie. Cut through the cement backer board as well as the plywood. When you make a tiled countertop, you will want to ensure that the cement backer board is completely clean after cutting. Using a damp cloth, clean all dust from the backer board before applying the tiles.

Applying The Tile

Lay your tiles along the cement backer board using the edge along the front as a guide. Measure and cut trim for the edges, and ensure a proper fit. Once you have your trim cut properly, you will then want to make any needed cuts to your tiles to make them fit properly.

Apply a tack strip that measures 1 inch by 2 inches along the edge of your countertop to help support the trim. Apply mastic to the trim using a trowel, and attach the trim to the edges.

Next, spread mastic evenly along your countertop while setting the tiles in place using tile spacers to ensure uniform width between each tile. When you make a tiled countertop, twist the tiles a bit when you place them to ensure that they set properly.

Allow the mastic 24 hours to dry and then apply the grout evenly between each tile. Once the grout has dried a bit, scrape off excess grout and clean the tiles with a damp sponge. Allow to dry for 48-hours and then apply grout sealer with a sponge. Once the sealer has dried, you can now use your new countertop. This is all one needs to do to make a tiled countertop.

photo of countertop