Make your own Trellis

Whether it is your unsightly storage shed or the view into your neighbor's junky back yard, sometimes some camouflage in your garden is necessary! The perfect resolution to eyesores on your property is to make your own trellis! A simple and effective task, it is not only easy to make your own trellis, but rewarding as well. Cover up that view of the alley, or create some privacy for your home with this simple solution.

What material should I use to make my trellis?

There are many materials you can use to make your own trellis. Many people use wood (Cedar in particular) to construct their trellis. Some choose to weather-proof their trellis with some type of stain; others opt to allow it to become weathered.

There has been a recent popularity in metal trellises, due to the beautiful shapes you can create by twisting and bending it. Many people turn to copper tubing for their projects, and admire the patina that it inherits as it ages.

While vinyl is an option, it is often avoided due to its inability to stand up to weather and the weight of heavier plants. Some people become even more creative, turning old screen doors or discarded window frames into trellises, using chicken wire!

Why should I make a trellis?

The desire to make your own trellis may vary from creating privacy, to simply creating interest in your garden. It is always more inviting to have vertical interest in your garden rather than plants simply planted in the ground. Many people enjoy their trellis (or trellises) because of the privacy they create between their house and their neighbors house. With many homes being built so close together these days, having that beautiful barrier between the houses can be a welcomed change.

What type of plants should I use?

A trellis is often referred to as a ladder for growing plants. Ladders are meant to be climbed. Ideally, you want your plants to climb your trellis as well! Purchase fast growing, climbing plants such as jasmine or ivy. For larger areas that require more privacy or coverage, consider a fast growing vine such as wisteria or honeysuckle. They not only grow quickly, but provide beautiful scenery. When you make your own trellis, consider the plant you will be planting. Design your trellis with the weight and strength of your intended plant in mind!

How much will my trellis cost?

Deciding to make your own trellis does not have to cost a fortune. How much you spend on your trellis is up to you. The size and quality of your trellis will dictate how much money you spend. If you are willing to spend, opting for a metal trellis, such as one made of copper tubing for example, might be the way for you to go! It will be durable and beautiful as well. If your pocket book is a bit thin, get creative!

Consider constructing your trellis out of items you may already have around your home. Use your imagination; Pair up wood posts with chicken wire, or create a lattice affect out of scrap wood. Shop yard sales and flea markets, and keep your eye out for discarded window or screen door frames.

A little chicken wire, some beautiful fast growing plants, and before long, no one will even know what lies underneath! Above all, have fun with your project, and take pleasure in choosing your plants. Always take the location of the trellis into consideration and take pride in providing beautiful camouflage for your property.

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