Making Your Own Basement Molding

Decorating the basement of your home is extremely popular these days and it is no wonder that people are making the most of their own living space when you look at the stresses and strains of every day life.

If you have a basement then it may provide you with a safe haven to visit at the end of every stressful day at work. If that is the case then you should decorate it in the style that you see fit, one that would relax and soothe you. However, you may well want to think about adding a little something to the walls to give them a little life. Making your own basement molding is the perfect way to do that.

What Is Basement Molding

Ornate Fretwork Molding
Basement moldings are areas of relief that can be added to interior walls to break up the wallpaper or painted wall and offer a little decoration. They are definitely something new and different and will make your basement and home in general stand out from the rest.

Ornate Fretwork Molding

Ornate Fretwork Molding

They will make it a more pleasing space to be in and making your own basement molding may also give it the individual touch. Who else will have moldings designed by you on their walls? Looking at your handiwork can really make it a more satisfying space to be in.

The beauty of making your own basement molding is that you can choose exactly what you want. You decide the patterns, the design and the style that you incorporate into your home. Traditionally, the more ornate the molding design, the wealthier an individual was and the more important the status he had.

It really is amazing how times change. Now, your budget may restrict you as to what molding you choose, but it is in the home of people from different classes, backgrounds, ages and races. You are free to decorate your home as you please and status has nothing to do with it!

Making Your Own Basement Molding

Making your own basement molding is a simple process and is not very time consuming, although you may have to wait a few hours for the plaster to set. You do reap what you sow though so make sure that you are happy with your design before taking it any further. When you have decided on a design then follow the steps below to make your own basement molding.

    1. Take a sketch of your original design into any good decorating or hardwear store. They will have the facilities to be able to turn your sketch into a molding profile. Just by looking at and scanning your sketch they can recreate it on a computer program that can then be used to recreate the pattern in plastic. When you mold is created, you are ready to get making your own basement molding.

    2. Wet the inside of the mold with a fine mist spray or by running lukewarm water into the mold and then tipping it away. It needs to be wet to ensure that the plaster does not fully stick to it.

    3. You will need to mix plaster to a good consistency and then pour it into the plastic mold. Only fill the mold to a centimetre from the edge because this will give you a good area to grip if you need to move it. It will also provide a good edge when it comes to removing the molding when it has set.

    4. Wait for eight hours and tip your mold out. If you want more than one then repeat the process as many times as necessary. Making your own basement molding gives you that option if you so wish, but you now have your individual touch and can decorate your basement in your own personal style.

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