Makita Cordless Impact Driver 6935FDWDEX

With 103.33 ft-lbs of torque the Makita 6935FDWDEX is no lightweight compared to other impact drivers. On a fully-charged battery, you can find yourself over-tightening small screws or even torqueing the heads right off, until you get used to the trigger.

It has a variable speed output of 0 - 3,200 Impacts Per Minute, and comes with a battery charger for it's Lithium-Ion batteries, and durable carrying case.

If you do any work in darker areas, like underneath stairwells or in crawl spaces, the Makita 6935FDWDEX comes with a great little Fluorescent Work Light that will light up when you pull the trigger slightly. I first thought this is a sort of trivial add-on, but the first time I had to install some framing in my attic for extra insulation, I changed my mind quick. (It's really bright!)

The motor in this driver runs on 14.4 volt batteries, and yes, it is a little less powerful than the older 18 volt Makita impact drivers, but it will still do just about anything they will do. Make no mistake, this is a professional-grade tool. It will drive screws all day long, every day, for many years.

Makita Cordless Impact Driver 6935FDWDEX

For those new to this kind of tool, and wondering what is the advantage of an impact drill over a regular cordless drill. Well, when you use one, you just cannot believe how easily an impact driver drives screws. While drills only rotate the drill/driver bit, impact drivers apply a cycle of high-speed rotary hammer blows to the driver bit, just like the air-compressor driven impact wrench mechanics use to torque up lug nuts.

That rotational force minimizes the pushing force needed to retain the driver bit in the screw recess, so screws seem to just slide in on their own. Impact drivers may give the impression of a cheap, gimmicky tool because of their low weight. Do not let it fool you- for driving screws, these babies need way less force from you than a heavy cordless drill.

Why? The rotary hammer impact does all the work your shoulder and arm would normally do. No more leaning into the tool. Another great benefit is that while ordinary drill drivers may strip the Phillips-head screws, the bit almost never jumps out the head of the screw, so you can drive fasteners all the way to flush without stripping them.

Uses? Hanging doors, installing windows and cabinets, driving screws in decks, fences, bolts in deck posts and handrails, foundation bolts, just about any project you can think of involving threaded fasteners is made easier with a cordless impact driver.