Makita Table Saw Review

 Makita Table SawOne of the premier choices in power tools today is the Makita table saw – but if you’re looking to buy, you’re going to run into quite a few options. Instead of waiting until you get to the store, and then starting blankly at the shelves in frustration, you’d be better off to first sit down and consider what kind of saw you need for the project you’re doing. Then, consider the models, the pricing, and take into account the pros and cons of each saw model. Here’s a brief overview of a few Makita table saw models worth considering:

Makita 10” Table Saw 2703

This table saw can be purchased as just the saw, or with a stand for easier storage and use. The saw table is large, 27” x 22”, and the motor is 15 AMP, which provides you with a smooth cut. The large handle provides easy, quick, and accurate depth settings, with a pinion bevel adjustment and precise rack. Even better, the features listing for the 2703 claims to cut 4x material with only one pass.

Handymen we've spoken to who purchased and used the Makita 2703 found it light, portable, and easy to use, at only around 40 pounds, a good saw for someone who has a smaller house or woodwork shop. The manual includes clear and precise instructions, and the all-in-one guard and splitter assembly work like they’re supposed to. The main issue with this saw seems to be the miter gauge, which isn’t reliable for professional jobs. For heavy-duty jobs, you’ll need a better blade, but for around-the-house projects, it should do the trick.

Makita 10” Contractors Table Saw 2704

This table saw can also be purchased with or without a stand, and has a large cutting capacity – the claim is that it can rip 4x material in one pass. The motor is 15-amp, and has an electric brake for increased productivity and accuracy. It’s portable like the 2703 – though a bit heavier, about 60 pounds – but there are also handholds on the sides of the saw table to make the whole thing much easier to tote around.

In contrast to the difficulties for professionals with the miter gauge on the 2703, this one has T-slots for the miter gauge, which reduces tipping when you’re cutting something at a length beyond the table edge. We give the 2704 a high rating on precision and accuracy, and the easy storage of most of the accessories right inside the table is a plus. The blade also slips below the table for protection while moving the unit – and even better, the instruction manual is easy to read for the average homeowner, increasing usability.

Makita 10” H3836 Table Saw

Very similar to the 2703, the Makita H3836 includes a Carbide tipped blade, wrench #19 and #13-22, has a rip fence, and a miter gauge that is reportedly accurate for everyday woodcutting. It’s also very lightweight, around 40 pounds, and has a 15-amp motor for cutting heavy materials and doing it well.

The table size on this unit is 27”x 22”, but unfortunately it isn’t sold with a stand – you’ll have to purchase one of these separately, which might be a hassle if you’re concerned about getting a good fit.

The manual is fairly well written, which seems to be a standard for Makita products, and it should rip up to 4x material – though users seem to think that you’d be better off cutting material just slightly lighter, in order to make best use of this saw.

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photo by Patrick Fitzgerald -CreativeCommons Attribution