Manufactured Cultured Stone

Manufactured cultured stone is the premier alternative to using actual stone in the building trades. It provides the most natural look possible, but without the great expense of skilled stonemasons to install.

Without the weight of natural stone, cultured stone is made of a composite material that is built to withstand the elements. It doesn’t matter if it’s used inside or out, this product is durable and carries extensive warranties.


There are several places in and on your home where manufactured cultured stone is commonly used. One of these places is on the exterior. Cultured stone is often used as a veneer, providing a decorative layer that is applied over the wooden or steel framework of the house.

While cultured stone could not be relied upon for structural stability, it does allow home designers to create the look of old-world stone houses without the expense and architectural problems that would be met with modern building codes.

Another place where manufactured cultured stone is commonly used in the home is around fireplaces. Similar to the exterior application, the stone is simply used as a veneer and doesn’t actually make up the structural framework of the fireplace. This is a popular choice with many folks because of the strict quality control that is available with cultured stone.

Real stones have defects and blemishes that cannot be removed. Cultured stone however, is created in a controlled environment that allows bad pieces of stone to be rejected. You can buy knowing the interior of your home will only reflect the highest quality stone products available.


The installation of manufactured cultured stone is best left to a licensed and trained installer. If there are any problems that you should encounter down the road, then you can remove yourself from any responsibility and the manufacturer work together with the installer that they trained to figure out a solution.

With most home improvement projects, there are ways that homeowners can cut corners and save some money by doing the work themselves, but this is one case where it’s probably best to leave it to the professionals.

They work with this material everyday and have a unique understanding of how the product is designed to work. Let them use their skills so that you can sit back and enjoy your new cultured stone product without having to worry about the level of your own craftsmanship.

Caring for manufactured cultured stone after it has been installed is not difficult. Any exterior applications can be kept looking new by using a garden hose to spray off any dirt or residue, while interior applications shouldn’t require any upkeep at all. You will find that the cultured stone is much nicer to have inside because it doesn’t produce the dust that is always present when you have real stone inside your house.

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