Cultured Marble Vanity Countertops

Cultured marble vanity countertops are the pinnacle of luxury in home design. If you want to transform your bathroom space into a private oasis with the atmosphere of an upscale spa, cultured marble vanity countertops can give you the peaceful and opulent feeling you are looking for. Although not everyone can afford to make cultured marble vanity countertops a feature of their interior design, if this option is within your budgetary restrictions, you may discover that the look and feel of this unique material is well worth the splurge.

Although cultured marble vanity countertops cost a pretty penny, they are often a great investment. Marble wears well, and adding it to your interior space can raise the value of your home even many years down the road. Cultured marble vanity countertops retain their elegance for a long time if they are correctly cared for.

Maintaining your marble is neither expensive nor difficult, so once you have made the initial investment that comes with installation, you will not have to devote a lot of energy or money to keeping your cultured marble counters in great shape.

Like all counters made of natural stone, it is a good idea to have your marble countertops resealed at least once or twice a year to keep them in top shape, but on a daily basis you can simply wipe your counters clean with a gentle cleanser.

If you want the exquisite look of cultured marble vanity countertops but are worried about fitting this top of the line item into your decorating budget, the good news is that installing these counters yourself can help you get high style without having to spend top dollar.

For the experienced do it yourselfer who is comfortable working with caulking, scribing, and is confident with measuring and dry fitting, putting in a set of cultured marble countertops is usually within reach.

If you decide to take the hands on approach to marble, it is often a good idea to recruit an assistant to help you handle the weighty pieces of stone that you will be working with. An extra pair of strong arms can help take the struggle out of this kind of renovation project.

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