Measuring Wallpaper to Fit

Even though you found a great price on the perfect wallpaper for your home renovation project, you still don't want to waste money by buying too much paper. How do you figure out how many rolls you need to buy?

Here is a quick estimating formula I read in an old handyman's notebook.

    1) Measure the floor to ceiling height of the room.

    2) Measure the length of two walls.

    3) Measure the width of two walls.

    4) Add the numbers from step 2 and 3

    5) Multiply the result of step 4 by the ceiling height from step 1.

    6) Divide the total from step 5 by 25. The result is the number of single rolls of wallpaper you will need to buy.


Your bedroom is 12 feet X 14 feet, with a ceiling height of 8 feet.

So, 12 + 12 + 14 + 14 = 52

52 X 8 = 416

416 divided by 25 = 16.6, round up to 17. You need 17 rolls.

He forgot about the doors and windows, I hear some whiz kids out there saying to themselves smugly. No, I didn't. What the old handyman said was that he adds in 1 extra roll for mistakes and trim and miscalculations, and it it just so happens that 1 roll is about the area of the average room's doors and windows. So there.

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