Memory Foam Mattresses

Oh, your achy back. Those tired feet. That sore neck. Going to bed should make everything right again, but often you wake up as sore as when you went to bed. Not anymore. Set your sights on a memory foam mattress and see how those pressure points are relieved of all their pressure.

Comfortable, Stress-Free Sleep

Memory foam mattresses and toppers are the hottest things going in the realm of beds. Forget pillow-top and adjustable. Think foam and more foam.

Memory foam was developed for NASA in the 1970s, but it was never used in a space mission because it let off too much gas in a close environment. But some saw the possibilities of memory foam and it was used for years in medical environments. It is one of NASA's most successful technology spinoffs.

Because memory foam is unique in how it responds to temperature and its ability to spread pressure over a greater surface area, it proved itself extremely useful in that medical setting for people who were bedridden.


But in the 1990s, Tempur-Pedic introduced its own version of a memory foam mattress and called it Tempur. It was more durable than the original memory foam but still provided all the benefits, like relieving pressure points.

The Tempur memory foam mattress toppers were initially quite expensive, so other companies began offering foam mattress toppers at affordable prices. Since then, many companies have begun offering memory foam mattress toppers and recently, mattresses themselves have been available in foam.

Why Memory Foam?

The idea behind memory foam mattresses and toppers is the memory foam truly conforms to the body shape. Traditional foam simple bounces back after a person gets up, but memory foam mattresses compress completely and spread air pressure to the neighboring cells. In this way, the memory foam really conforms to your body shape.

When looking to buy a mattress pad or topper, it pays to read up and do your research. Reviews of various brands and types reveal that there are huge quality differences between different brands, in different price ranges and among type of foam.

While it's safe to purchase a memory foam mattress topper without testing it first (though reading reviews and doing said research first helps), it's not advisable to purchase a whole memory foam mattress without laying on it in a showroom. Just like with a traditional mattress, you want to be sure the memory foam mattress is comfortable and will be the most comfortable sleep spot for you.

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