Metal Frame Homes have Prefabricated Advantages

metal frame construction, TokyoThey may have a skeleton that looks very different to that of a traditional house frame but they have virtues all their own.

Prefabricated metal frame homes are an engineering innovation, scoffed at by some, the only choice for others. Once built, the finished home looks no different to any other so some home buyers are really none the wiser.

Armed with the appropriate information, consumers are able to make an informed decision about the kind of structure they choose to build. Chances are, they may select one of these superb examples of modern engineering over the wood frame, hammer-and-nail variety we’re more accustomed to.

Metal versus Wood

So what are the advantages of prefabricated metal frame homes? For starters, what would you consider to be stronger? Steel, or wood? Most people’s money would be on the former. Any big bad wolf who came along and threatened to blow your house down would do his homework first and huff and puff at the wooden one first.

In fact, metal frame homes are designed to withstand winds of up to 140 miles per hour. That’s no small claim. They are engineered for brute strength; even if a school bus dropped on top of the house, it would stand a far greater chance of minimal damage than a wood frame house.

Think of the other comparisons between wood and metal. Which do you think is more vulnerable in the event of a fire? Even with fire retardant treatments, wood will surely perish faster than metal. Building a house with non-flammable materials gives the gift of wonderful peace of mind, especially if you happen to be building a home in an area where forest fires are a natural part of the coming and going of the seasons.

Pest Control

Termites hate metal frames! Imagine a colony of termites trying to move in on your prefabricated metal frame home. Even the most determined of pests will pack up and move next door.

Your house is also protected from mold and rot because metal is simply not subject to penetration by moisture. That means maintenance costs are greatly reduced and subsequent damage to the inner structure of the home is far less likely.

Save Money

Labor costs, too, are reduced. Buying a prefabricated metal frame home from a range of designs means that a great deal of the work is done in the factory. A wood frame house requires a team of carpenters, tradesmen whose time does not come cheap. Your metal frame is delivered in one trip and takes far fewer men to erect. It features bolt-together construction which requires less time to carry out. Your home will be built sooner, too.

Built at around $50-60 per square foot, prefabricated metal frame homes are very economical. You can do as much of the work as you want, or employ a contractor to build it from start to finish.

Other Advantages

When you buy a prefabricated metal frame home, you contribute less to environmental impact. Steel is almost 100% recyclable, unlike wood, and steel recycling conserves energy and protects the earth’s precious resources.

There are many companies designing and selling prefabricated metal frame homes across the country. Contact several before making a decision on which to use and ask as many questions as you need to so that you understand fully what you are buying.

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photo by tanakawho/CreativeCommons