Metal Roof Maintenance

In this article we will be discussing how to care for metal roofing and offer several tips on doing so. Once the manufacturer’s coating wears off of your metal roofing material, you are going to need to cover it with some sort of new protective coating. There are several types of coating used to coat the metal roofing panels including asphalt or polymeric coatings.

Typical metal roofs are formed with long sheets of metal or smaller metal tiles. No matter what the size of the material used, at each intersection, where pieces overlap, there is the potential for leaks if the roof is not properly maintained. Often, along the ridges and valleys of the roof and along the fascias, metal roofs tend to wear faster.

What Maintenance is Necessary

Surprisingly most metal roofs are either Galvanized, aluminized, or Galvalume coated from the manufacturer. These pre-coated materials are relatively maintenance free in general. Of course, in the event that a leak does occur, there are solutions that need to be considered. It is not uncommon for manufacturer’s of metal roofing materials to warrantee their products for 50 years or more. A properly maintained metal roof can often outlast the structure it is laid upon.

One of the best performing finishes for metal roofing is Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF). PVDF is said to add to the overall strength of the metal, have high weather resistance, chemical and corrosive resistance, UV light protection, and fungi resistance. If you use a PVDF treatment, you will only have to check it every nine years to see if it needs reapplied. Most of the other metal roofing finishes require your attention every 3 to 5 years. Those finishes include urethane, plastisol, acrylic and silicone.

Sealants for Metal Roofing

Many of the traditional ashphaultic sealants are now out performed by newer innovative solutions. One example is a Micro Sealant named EternaBond. This particular brand is in the form of a large roll of tape. It is easily applied by any novice and offers protection from extreme temperatures and fixes leaks in a flash. While this Micro Sealant may be a good fix for leaks, a good preventive measure such as the PVDF coating mentioned above, would most likely prevent the need for such sealants.

As you can see, the clear winner on metal roof finishes is the PVDF coating which commonly lasts at least nine years and only gradually begins to lose its effectiveness after that. Often PVDF only needs reapplied every 15-20 years making it by far the best choice to use on your metal roof.

Longest Lasting Metal Roofing Materials

We have already discovered that metal roofing is a fairly low maintenance roofing option. Now, some of you may be asking yourselves, what is the longest lasting of the metal roofing materials? It is no secret that metal roofs have a longer than normal lifespan. Some companies, such as Classic Products, even offer lifetime warrantees on their metal roofs. The answer to this question may surprise you though.

From the research we have done, it appears as if copper roofing material actually outlasts any other metal roofing material. It is not uncommon for copper roofs to be in wonderful shape long after the structure they sat upon have collapsed. You will find that a copper roof is quite a bit more expensive than other metal roofing solutions. The other metal options will work just fine and save a few dollars as well.