Microsuede Comforter

A Microsuede comforter set is the new rave in home decorating. Microsuede looks and feels just like suede but is not as expensive. A Microsuede comforter set looks elegant and expensive while adding a touch of class to your bedroom. When choosing a Microsuede comforter set, consider the theme of your bedroom decor. If you have already selected a theme, then you may decide to choose a Microsuede comforter set that is in solid colors and accent it with decorative pillows. If you have just begun to decorate or redecorate your bedroom and are looking for ideas, you may find your decorating theme located in your Microsuede comforter.

Microsuede Comforter Set: Decorate with Fabric and Texture

A Microsuede comforter set is already a wonderful choice in fabric and texture. Working with this theme, you can add more accessories to your bedrooms decor that will compliment and access the Microsuede look. This may be satin, lace, leather, wood, or other natural looking fibers and textures.

One mistake many people make when home decorating, is that they believe if they are using one texture, they need to repeat the same texture throughout the rest of the room. This simply is not true. Just because you have a Microsuede comforter set, does not mean you must rush off and find Microsuede curtains.

By choosing other textures and fibers for your room accessories, you will create a rich and diverse look that is stunning. Try bringing in a lot of plants into your bedroom decor as well. You can determine what type of plants you would like to use based upon your color and print of your Microsuede comforter. If your comforter set has a very detailed print, you can choose to accentuate a part of the print by accessorizing the room in plants (whether they are live, artificial, or vines) that were inspired by the print.

Microsuede Comforter: Easy to Care For

One of the best benefits that you will receive from your new Microsuede comforter set, is the fact that it is so easy to care for. It may look like suede, but there will be no need to have your set dry-cleaned. That is right; your comforter set is 100% machine washable.